Dennis Bartram Anma Move The Body As One

Dennis Bartram Anma Move The Body As One

The Significance of Spinal Dynamics and Body Alignment for Optimal Health, According to Dennis Bartram

The Significance of Spinal Dynamics and Body Alignment in Achieving Optimal Health In this video, Dennis Bartram discusses the importance of spinal dynamics and body alignment in maintaining overall health and well-being.

He emphasizes the significance of reflex movements such as flexion,

Extension, bending, and rotation allow the body to perform various tasks. When these reflex movements are not functioning correctly, it can lead to issues with posture and movement.

Dennis Bartram also mentions the importance of physically and mentally caring for oneself.

He highlights that they have been practising for 30 years and have not let age or physical limitations slow them down. They believe that body-mind integration and alignment are crucial for maintaining good health.

Dennis Bartram acknowledges that alignment needs to be noticed and understood by professionals such as osteopaths and chiropractors.

Renowned Speaker Dennis Bartram Demonstrates 28 Years of Matu Balancing Expertise

They encourage individuals to seek practitioners who understand the importance of alignment and can help them achieve optimal health.

Renowned speaker Demonstrating 28 years of Amatsu balancing expertise, leaving experts in awe; Dennis Bartram shares their experience of having regular matu balances for 28 years and how they have contributed to their overall well-being.

He mentions that, despite their age, they are in good health and do not require any medication or treatments.

They also recount a story of giving a talk in Rome where they had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in front of renowned scientists and experts in the field.

Dennis Bartram impressed the audience with their ability to balance and align the body, leaving them in awe of their unique approach. The speaker, Dennis Bartram, emphasizes the importance of spinal dynamics, body alignment and self-care in maintaining good health.

Prioritizing Optimal Alignment: Dennis Bartram Anma Move The Body As One Offers Expert Guidance

They encourage individuals to prioritize these aspects and seek out practitioners who understand and can help them achieve optimal alignment.

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