Intimate Personal Trainer

Intimate Personal Trainer

There are times when you get so much busy on your office work that you tend to forget about having a little bit of quality time with your partner or wife. Often times this is the cause of marriage and relationship breakdowns. It’s sad to note that a lot of these stuffs go through with or without legal process when it should and could have been prevented. One thing you can do to spice things up and ensure that the spark is kept alive is by continually engaging in activities that you both enjoy say for example living a healthy lifestyle. Go on and take advantage of the ongoing trend of keeping it trim, lean, and fit. Ask your partner out and make him/her your very own intimate personal trainer.

There are lots of things you can do while maintaining the connection with each other. You both practice thorough and practical communication upon doing so. One of the things that you can do after getting an agreement on the ample and proper free time from work is to go right ahead to a local store where you can both pick up the best and healthy packs of food. Everything that you did in the past will just keep on whirling back.

It’s like a trip on memory lane while you and your partner pick out the right kind of nourishment. You can take the kids along too. What can you do apart from buying food? Well you can either go to your favorite restaurants that serve nutritious and healthy treats or you can just stay at home grill up a barbecue and enjoy a fun-filled time with your partner and your family.

This is only the start. You can do more bonding activities physically with your partner/personal trainer. Read books and magazines that you can use as sources of good buddy exercises. You can also search the internet for exercises and routines that you can perform together. Both of which are really preparation for how you and your partner can train alongside each other and build a stronger bond between the two of you.

Now let’s head on to the training proper. Let’s say it’s a weekend you can both wake up smiling and put on those running shoes. How can you be personal trainers for each other? Well the simple support and company offered by both of you can bring you good results in every aspect of your running or jogging. It’s a sure thing that you can go the distance without too much effort since it’s just like spending time chatting with your partner. You can also monitor each other’s progress throughout the running/jogging time.

If you prefer to get off the land then why not go swimming with each other. Swimming and water sports have been found to be very good cardiovascular workouts. They also keep your body well-trimmed and in tip-top condition. The added bonus is that you get to this with the person you love which is priceless. Plus you get to see her in all her glory and sexiness. Both of you enjoy the company of one another.

There are lots of other stuffs you can do as part of your training. There’s dancing, boxing, or simply heading out to the gym. The important thing is that every time you go out with your intimate personal trainer you hit two birds with one stone. Both of you stay healthy, happy, and contented.

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