Its DATE NIGHT with Rep & Cinnamon! #IRL0016

Oh my god you guys are quick okay alrightalright what’s up what’s up how’s it going hope everybody’s doing just right I madeit for the first time in without end welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome lookwe’re gonna go on a date we’re going on a date how is it Heycinnamon what’s up dominating what’s up we’re gonna open some fan mail that’sgonna be enjoyable let me share out the move and do the entire stuff I gotta do realquick oh do you do you preserve hands on the first date I consider significantly better this livestream than I did the final blast move with last livestream I felt like crapnot gonna lie we’re gonna go and we’re simply gonna be chilling I see rather a lot offamiliar faces in the market we’re gonna do we’re doing merch giveaways again soevery hundred and donors will supply away the Rif mug that is rightthe ripp mug who’s gonna be the primary one to it I don’t know boo it is gonna be enjoyable it is as continually it’sgood to be here with you guys have you learnt about any updates on poppy andGrimes not at this moment I do not however we are able to investigate it out we certain are you able to wanta mug provided that it can be free oh yeah i need a lot of stuff provided that it is free whoops and there may be something put in some put insome tag e-tag Tigers Tigers I simply saw some Charlotte’s track although yeah Icouldn’t ask for greater than ten that’s rather loopy how did you suppose about that what’s that what’s what’s good andreservations very much similar to you are listening to my videos right now i am vixx’sshare it out to the circulation and reservations beer appears like we bought afull condominium tonight and reservations we’re gonna be hangingout with cinnamon today cinnamon we’re gonna be hanging out with cinnamon todaycinnamon strikes to introduce your self that cinnamon and we’re gonna go out toeat together with her so that is gonna be fun you’re so beautiful they say oh thank youguys how did we meet what tell him how we met how did we meetyeah i don’t keep in mind Hayden have the car no no we met at work in 2012 youused to work at Walmart collectively our third shift that was once you mm-hmm she’snicest person ever yeah they had the same accent she does havean accent doesn’t she be aware of I are you aware how i do know a they may be able to hear itwhat’s uh what’s up let me share out the stream real rapid after which we will getstarted is it the whole thing saved I think so that is just for appears except first we are going to share to Twitter andthen we are going to get proper into it that is bitch bitchOh BAM that’s cinnamon hiya we got Gina Martinez started thedough knows it says it can be no longer so much however i love your channel let’s get some hypeand chat for Gina every person Gina I want to see that hi that’s cinnamon give up asking there you gothere you go welcome to our crazy world cinnamon ohyes is your first that is your first grip Zillah lost rain isn’t itthey’re pretty crazy there’s a lot of things that occur on the grounds that you needwalking round with a digital camera like that individuals blehso we will do a viewers giveaway if we get to one hundred viewers so go ahead andsharing is caring you share out the stream she gained guys desired to do thatand that’s just right to beat it’s good to be here it crazy loopy loopy I did thevideo today I did you guys what you guys consider about modern day video the backgroundpics are mighty oh thank you let’s go on a day BAM and no worry youguys equipped for that seem at that thumbnail look like blue legit TomCruise would prefer some ear severe problems alright all right right here we goare you equipped oh wait I’ve got $5.00 from bitter 7/10 hello reppin cinnamonit’s Carrie love yeah let’s get some hype and chat for Carrie guys – chat forCarrie we’re currently a $7 and oh no and let’s go ahead and begin the streamhey welcome back and in modern video we will be talking about TitanicSinclair and poppy the vast got church factor we i’ll reply yourquestions we’re gonna exit to devour is what we’re gonna do however first earlier than wedo that we’ll open up some fan mail from Jackie Kyle and uh what uhCassandra Seagraves so we do not know what they got however I’mfixing to go seize them we will open them up yeah let me go take hold of it real fast I’llbe correct again so this is the mail pleasing it can be likeChristmas all proper oh my god it says seem inside it oh she wrote us a letterwill learn that it got a little bit pin i’m gonna wear it of path that taughtReptar four ribs illa however the mugs bought stuff inside of it that is relatively biglook how big that’s you guys have no idea this is the place my name originated fromwas ripped our rep Zilla Colette McClatchy i am presupposed to be workinguh oh so there is that and listen let’s readthis there may be loads truely all right allow us to learn it i’m hoping i can read this Idon’t be aware of what that is says a pleased freakin birthday this is it sounds as if formy birthday so this is glad freakin birthday rip Shane Zilla i love you oh this is honestly probably a personalthing it is very long so I have no idea if she desires me to learn it i’m gonna takeI’m gonna read it in my own time and we’re gonna transfer on to the next booksthis is from Jackie kala Hodja I don’t know all proper Jackie k wow we obtained a whole bunch of stuffwe bought a card we received a red tarp op figure that is dope i am gonna put itrighto we put that up there it is on my wait wait waitand when I get out of the box it is a pink par focus center of attention focuswait focal point so take a seat that over there and we got an extra one and this Rocko’s ModernLife and spunky I surely grew up looking at this and rember the exhibit rockis Lauren are living you don’t transfer that television ok and i got how one can do some beadstuffs shut that field over there i do not knowwhat that is what’s up JC oh this is the specific beads that is cinnamon you introduce yourselfagain ok i am cinnamon that is cinnamonI’ll not ever ask you to do this once more i’m sorry I don’t know what this is oh it’sa crystal crystals are serious stuff oh i will grasp I don’t know if i will be able to if Ishould hang that from i will cling it from somewhere this is whatever elseright right here anyhow I have no idea what that is but it looks like beads I gotsome tutorials on how you can do beads I consider this is just a cardhey we acquired souls and damaged donators 499 let’s get some hype and chat for soulsand broken okay ksi Logan fall combat it says it says it says it thinks is notenough howdy smack is really dude thanks for sharing your self withother simply Jackie please pucker up and i’m going to plant a kiss on you in order that’sthat i’m cool you opened it whoa man wait is that this you consider the crystal goeson this i’ll wear it no i am stylin and profilin i am hungryall correct we’re gonna go eat – chat for you do not we’re gonna go get some food okay my cat Rosie says hello to all youincluding Greg well hi there oh i’m gonna say hi there to Greg Gregwhat’s up dude yeah you’re bein um i’m gonna go get some sakano meals it can be gonnabe scrumptious so let’s get equipped to journey out into the sector I got my keys we’re taking you ok all correct let’s go down that waytowards the excellent cup and share that with that so how’s everyone doingI can barely converse cuz i’m hungry i am like ravenous i’ll check snapchat after this Sam francis’s am i cheating on you Idon’t even understand who you might be however on the whole i would like i would like food proper now i would like Ineed you guys to feed me i want energies we more commonly use we mightlive provider proper here however simply back proper st.Francis is from Charlie’s dreamrat-boy okay we lock us some Charlie Zillah for hisaccent which wasn’t fair both here’s your food Oh seatbelt continuously put on your seatbelt it’s on I have no idea where we’re rattling i know I did oh that you can get you guys can add mysnapchat it’s rep Scylla or epz ila what’s my favorite rapid food what’s your favorite interesting food i guess subway is that fast food umyeah we are able to call it that moon rapping Rep wouldn’t take us to rapid meals who’snot low-priced sizeable now not church donated six greenbacks in 66 cents and says we areworking on SSL thank you on your suggestionsTitanic church everyone are so much preferred and that i did not consider that youguys I had no unwell intent in my video I simply desired to point out that it isdangerous to get in there with out it being cozy and we under no circumstances we didn’treally be aware of so I simply desired to i am rather protective so i’m hoping that youguys are gonna get the SSL appears like you’re i am glad it’s free go get youcan transfer your area to Namecheap you are able to do that it’s going to provide you with some someof that so we’re let’s get some hype and chatfor huge search every body and that you could most often ask them questions too and weare currently at $20 and Ono’s Oh mightiest mouse donated $10 and saysshare the digital camera extra with cinnamon if she’s is cool with it no must be shotgirl just beat your splendid self let’s get some – shepherd Maddyhere’s just drop i’m just gonna show him you failed to she prettyoh I shaved my whole entire face that is why I appear so much more youthful at present we’re presently at 30 and Ono’s guysthat’s crazy that is crazy we’re doing particularly good youguys need to have rather neglected me hello hi you guys make a fab couple why donate666 that’s bizarre I imply it can be sort of cool it can be type ofokay who’s it I want to see someone donate 336 um i’m just now not doing my Ihaven’t touched my hair proper now however I think i am gonna bleach guidelines the hints ofthis i’m gonna do crimson reach the hints of it after which after that i’m gonna goahead and take the color out and as a rule do anything loopy on aprobably paint you two seem lovable collectively both haveawesome hair hair dolls that’s just like the great praise ever for folks like usyeah it is adore it’s like we’re Harris Cystic Kari donated three greenbacks and 36cents says here you go let’s get some – Schaffer elevate everybody elevate everybody yeah i admire this oh man now look usplease is it a quality cat there is a Mexican and Mexican restaurant over hereTijuana’s we might either we are able to devour wherever but I like to eat the Mexicanrestaurant but when there’s an additional location that you just want to go the place d-doesyou have no idea rainbow hair will have to I get rainbow hairrainbow hair child seats she’s got some child seats how many kids you got two andfour – leap donated three bucks and 36 cents and mentioned Rip’s merch mugprotects towards the Illuminati that’s correct let’s get some hype and chat forMightiest mouse i’m going to take it you don’t movement anymorenow a what that’s precisely what we’re doingSonic donated $2 and stated you and your pal cinnamon say car ten timesthey adore it when we say car say car car I did like I’ve got twovideos the place I mentioned automobile I did one for 10 minutes trades after which I did ais sommore which is spring-like and now they each person wishes me to claim chip allday that you just pulled a chip all day we bought the automobile shirts coming soondon’t you fear they said yeah her voice is really beautiful why is your voice so prettyI do not believe it is she would not believe her place is prettyhow is it lovely she wants to understand the way it’s lovely through cocaine a person stated is she hall see your Hallsays she her favourite singer is purple really cuz she’s dangerous and love let’s go right except you want a burrito like a like afuckin burrito you want that Alex like like i need that in my lifestyles correct now Britney says she loves her some paintI’m doing good small I stand lisa hannigan team into that’s lisa hanniganwho’s lisa hannigan excellent a singer what’s that rose lady in this parking yes ma’am I simply need to be next e i am so hungry how do I obtained a cat here I consider it’sreally bad shit I stated i am gonna sell lint rollers crimson detailed rip squad lintrollers for our cats oh sorry amber said what rip murk will have to I getwell if you happen to should not have the reliable membership tee you would get that themug is exceptional too there may be all sorts of stuff submit onTwitter when you get it i want one for my Saschacat hair equals Kitty glitter you’ll make a wrap I gotta consume first all about 21 rollers oh this looks rather pleasant at present it’sreally just right my hair it desires to get longer already what ten matters do youdoor most in existence i like making video content material what do youlike what do you door in existence yeah oh shit she adores existence itselfI like I used to really like enjoying video video games back in the day appear youever seen anything so pretty in your existence you already know what i am ok here’s whatI adore most of all i adore you guys the rip squad for the reason that you guys are justbeautiful a hundred% wonderful and oh all the people standing within the heritage ismoved yeah you just gotta reduce them out sorryI mix it on the router side of the left stop let’s take a seat within the corner is that good i’m form of Salem i have this sign that all of it proper you appear like a model you look at themodel I have no idea meals squad I mean yeah however last lessthan hums I came here I carry a pal that drink they usually bought my pals sodrunk just like the very regulation she doesn’t drink moderation if theybought you a drink would you drink yes oh no guys did you hear that if youbought her a drink am i able to get yet another thing in salsa it’s pretty good yeah mr.Rao you donated $2 and saidlove you incidentally where do you are living the auto is left sobs I do not know Ithink it can be only left aspect due to the fact that given that of the digital camera I simply I’mlivid I live in Georgia northern Georgia correct now we’re presently at forty one dollarsin down those guys that’s we’re way up ahead of agenda the intention is a hundred whenwe get there we are going to do the gig appear we’ll do a giveaway for that I type of need titania to make anothervideo in order that you are able to do one more parody I imply we could we may need to move out ofthis corner low first-class we’re gonna transfer tables i am moving tables over here yeahthat’s a lot better whats up guys I put letting you guys draw whats up what do you want to talk about hername is mrs.RevZilla Oh center of attention focal point no there yes thanks guys we’re only here to see cinnamon and herbon jovi shirt that was a excellent alternative what’s your favourite retailer my faceWalmart Walmart in many instances you’ll be able to see like negativecomments Oh mattias Mouse Mattias must ask cinnamonyour prime three favorite events and can you go ahead are you able to say thanks fordonating and get some – assess thanks – Mouse for donating so let’sget some excessive boots – lets get that – chat for acquaintances mouse three favoritehobbies listen to music mountaineering and of path putting out with RevZilla this islike Louie the funnest livestreams on-line I recorded any one that had been being rudethank you thank you we’re currently at $fifty one and Ono’s whichis greater than midway to the goal we best need $41 to meet the goal and that’sawesome prime three pet peeves trying to feel youcan go that is no longer quite a bit bothers me I guesspeople that for definite those haters haters I get rather like I work at portions ifsomebody’s doing anything that they recognize this is not doing they usually’restill doing it i do know that is a bizarre pet peeve that can also be categorised in hate ok it’s Halle Berry donated three dollarsand 36 cents says love it guys i am having fun with the flow well thanks forenjoying the circulate i’m glad that you simply right here we get some – chatter Tala endure you know I mean you you do not care I have no idea I imply who’s that this really reallyneed something with life that looks fairly good i need that what is their ship identify you’veheard of that ship stuff they do it’s love it’s like what we’ll do is likethey mix your identify and Samantha McNew just donated $50 and stated yoGeorgia here too how did y’all to me can we get some hype and chat for SamanthaManu and that is that is that is present day best donation we want a variety of hypein for this reason I need to see all my sponsors as junk mail these unique emojisand in the event you guys want to emerge as a sponsor the hyperlink is within the description and thatdirectly supports me and i am gonna let her speak about how we met so we met in2012 at Walmart we used to work in on 1/3 shift I nonetheless work for yeah we have taken all of the mountain weused to head up the hill the 24-hour McDonald’s coffeeit was once a variety of correct thing i like this car still as my automobile that’s it that is howwe met oh we did meet the donation go right nowwe are over 100 greenbacks thinks of Samantha McNew next goal is at twohundred greenbacks and we’ve got would not supply away up to now in these days they have CokeZero here yeah yeah you get some cuts here Thanks good coke carrier send Zillathat’s our Samantha McNew says Sims illa yes what’s your favorite phase aboutgetting to know leisure i do know I’ve identified him for a long timehe’s like my quality friend I suppose so many things rolled into one personality SenaZilla used to be invariably weird if you’re bizarre i am bizarre my boyfriend has been waitingfor me to reply endlessly but i’m still right here oh you supposed did he ask you to marry uhwe heard she forged your context I don’t know have you ever two talked about marriageNo we talked a pathetically about what itwould be like if we bought a residence on good we talked hypothetically about ifwe had been married some thing about residing in a fort with the bat-signal everymorning so one of my pursuits a further considered one of my ambitions on YouTube isthat i am gonna be able to find the money for i’m gonna get a mansion after which i am gonnaget the Batman image and i’m gonna get a butler and every Sunday I mean myButler’s gonna activate the signal and it is gonna shoot out in the sky whileI’m consuming a Coke Zero and i am just i am just gonna that’s what i’m doingevery Sunday for roughly thirty minutes i’m simply shoot the Batman sign off inthe sky we’re current we’re at 100 andfour dollars in donations thanks guys that’s really coolwe admire it you paid for the mill and everything the subsequent donation purpose isat 200 we do giveaways every a hundred donors so that’s tremendous oftentimes this thing gets blurry so wellactually it can be blurry regardless is not it that is the lens that is how so much doescinnamon rate Oh how so much do you cost price she’spriceless precious keep on one 2d i am gonna i am gonnaclean you off almost acquired it he’s they all stop is it just half of-and-half of correct now I’lldo occur happen this lens is so that’ll do it so I do this as soon as a week it’s fun it’sfun i admire striking out with these guysyou’re my best associates they fairly are I have no idea i am no longer even jokingthese the ribs or these humans are you the one beautiful people they reallyare my exceptional neighbors and focus golly i admire bizarre this thing sucks chicken my day is going just right I used to be braggingabout you guys i am looking to get this thing to work however it does not need towork ICarrie how are you doing we’ve now we have like virtually over 60 persons in here sothis is what i need you to do i’m going to use 60 persons i would like everyone take a secondlet’s fry it’s time that I need to see you unsolicited mail emoji correct now and i would like tosee some names that I by no means seen earlier than all correct Samantha love you received Laura can’t ever say that title gotno I acquired Carrie acquired might be DJ spiderweb with self ambersunless damaged lovely Tom’s what’s up Kristen Smith your messagesare getting deleted oh my gosh and Dale is within the residence every person what’s up shamDillon bought Kieran lovely Tom’s Tara gravesI love seeing familiar faces ain’t about tsp so how are you doing in these days Shan Bella Terry donated $2 and mentioned rip i’m doingbetter thanks for asking you’re welcome Terry i’m very happy to hear that you’redoing higher let’s get some hype and chat for Kerri DJ spider net donated adollar ninety-nine said girl in purple let’s give some – Jeff your spider webas good so this is a quite just right question i am doing relatively well I received my babysister a kitten the day gone by s Q here’s a really just right query they comprehend when wemet did we come to be B if I have no idea don’t say we misplaced touch for a whilst wereconnected some thing in April I fretted you and you message Cheers chen della doe i am certain donated $5 oh mygosh she’s so lovely so completely satisfied for you too oh thanks let’s get some hype andchat for shin della each session delegate out Ella it can be cuz my checks aredone what are what are we adding down these correct now $20we’re a $one hundred twenty Scouts with a intention of 200 i don’t knowsomeone please tell him what I said in the donation I read last i am not loud I do not know doyou see oh my gosh she is so adorable so joyful for you tooOh Skyler Saunders donated $5 and mentioned a hop a skid some – Chet for scholar alsoKerry said she had a scare the day prior to this however i’m okay although it can be just right some – Chetfor Kerry student aunt sonic donated $1 i’m sorry I neglected that I see somehypersonic as well you guys hate are simply being freaking soamazing do at present like wow crap any decoy donated $5 and thanks penny let’s getsome – Chet for penny k I get that and that i stated okay like it’s like we’re nottalk i’ll speak with my hand a lot of men and women are like that is identical to dislikeDonald troll however no Donald Trump was once – took speakme courses for the reason that I took aspeaking classification they usually teach you to like pretend like you are protecting a drinkand you just speak at this you understand saying cinnamons you’re bringing out the bestin individuals that they mentioned they mentioned did you play Detroit come human are yougoing to pay attention I particularly like that recreation and that i really do want to play it however I Idon’t even know how a lot it is and about tasky donated $2 and stated I ship it alsohi what’s good – chef for Annabelle you oh yeah if i would ought to drop their soprotective they be certain I received my seatbelt on i’m bragging about you guysright now oh this is what I obtained to consume and that is what she received are you excited yeah oh yeah guys i am speculated to tellyou that you will have to absolutely join the discord the links in the descriptionbecause we’re gonna do karaoke nights and that’s coolso i am gonna set you here at the same time we me neither I had my protein drink when Igot it focal point you’re not Laura sorry that is rather just right and food is relatively notable oh it is really goodhow old his rep is like 29 or 30 she’s older than me they do not know myage oh my gosh in heaven you think it’sfocusing relatively cold harry stated grip is just too young for me Iguess you can have this in a minute my birthday is next month on the primary Istill can not suppose i’m going to be 19 shadow I said cinnamon is this type of kawaii nameyou’ve heard that term understand who I is like cheatsy top eastern high stuff I’llshow you examples later okay Carrie mentioned he wouldn’t desire a brokenold 34 year historical like me good day man I only care about if men and women are excellent to me andpeople are just right to me that’s all I care about I think everyone’s gorgeous hmmJindal I mentioned it literally manner acute eastern I failed to comprehend that yeah it can be funny gazing like cuz Ifocus on the livestream Ambridge mentioned this is becoming essentially the most wholesomewasher that is actually one in every of my favourite reside streams huh it is my firstfor this enjoyable it’s enjoyable is it humorous to you you are focusing onthis you are not particularly paying awareness to the whole lot else which is funnybecause there could be packaged your Buick in most cases can be paying foreverything else but this is reversed satisfied you are paying awareness toeverything however the whole thing else but all people else is paying awareness to usbecause we do not care i’m sorry that the this lens is weirdI’m gonna buy higher when oh my gosh Cinderella said I gotlavender tea in my red mug that sounds fairly goodI love life and activities Shandell when you get a chance get some give some walkieand combine it with your lavender specifically white peony Kari donated $2and stated ribbon has been there for me I appreciate it it is now not a obstacle you areawesome and that i rather take into account you be every time you’re here you are there forme so of course i am gonna be there for you we’re at the Mexican restaurant let megive you a hug bring it in you simply bought a hug this isreally good support of direction fouseytube isbeautiful that sounds fairly chin Dilla there may be anold chinese language lady down the street that i’m going to get my tea from she convey you fromher from her place of birth and it she gives me white peony which is like a musclerelaxer and also you mix with lavender and it’s like the finest thing ever but ifyou drink an excessive amount of you’ll be fairly spaced out but it’s okay drink a littlebit too much listen this one no rain you are set oh man i love lengthy in the past correct tremendous fanIlana down right here I block Carrie like ever considering the fact that I used to be like relatively little these are gauges and so they didn’t hurtbut it is they get this gigantic time beyond regulation honor at one inch I believe youShannon della idioms ok but i’m no longer it is now not my myreally my favorite form of track is uh indie my favourite singer ever relatively rough i do not understand it’s really rough I actuallyI like rap so much too I do like Paige the elephant now i haven’t figured whatever else outabout no offset will have to I depart your sight good if you happen to stay we will cling outif you go away I have no idea the place you I have no idea what shion daily donated $5 and stated you needto check out peach scone by way of hobo Johnson it’s like a mix of regulation low fee no fivespoken word poetry rap i’m obsessed I additionally started like donating a dollar youneed some – chat for Jim Dalen and sonic and i have listened to peach gumbo huhBo Johnson truly did a video on it significant fan of hobo Johnson he’s just so chill todaythat’s why I want to transfer this back to speak the various metropolis after which I canjust stroll correct outside I think free that’s the way it was once it wouldmake you think they’d revel in it given that this is like half of their location inthis city this is what I believe we can close to are you guys wearing your authentic repsquad membership T does it protects you from the Illuminati it does all right Alfredo Halla endure donated $2 and said do youhave guidelines for bosses which might be bullies I guess you Nick don’t be a boss no bossesthat you obtained bullies different bosses yeah i need you probably did so the thing is set beinga bully if your boss is men and women would say that technically i am a boss but i’m notreally later so fairly should you recollect your self a boss you’re already style of abully that is all the intent why I moved up into administration is due to the fact of bosseswho are bullies i don’t like that videos LeBeau Johnson are you stillgoing to make movies on Hugh Johnson probably I don’t know slowly I was once trying to learn the commentsI used to be pointed again to you cinnamons illawe’re nonetheless doing that what’s up slimmy corn Cinna Zilla ripMon that is relatively dangerous appear at you making something crazy ship Zilla mom sounds like a date Iman this is my ass at present I put out thatvideo you guys I put out a video you the day prior to this and then instantly startedworking on stage video bought like 4 and a half of hours of sleep shot up andstarted the boxspring quite a lot of work it is like to eight ourvideos we’re filming mukbang i would wish to it like i love make aprofessional video simply carry my digital camera i admire placing out like this unusual shindy Allah says similar must achannel but she would be robust she quite often definitely would be amazingbut she most commonly does not have the time to do thather job is like it takes up nearly all of her time you want me do it rehab i’ll do it I’lldo rap probably at the end of the circulation my hair is getting loopy right now Iwant it this is these to get like all the way down to right here once more i do not take into account ever goto the hairdresser i’m announcing we postpone this i don’t believe I ever stated that Ithink they did it with their i’m so used to getting really dangerous haircuts now I’mjust like ok i no person ever cuts my hair yeah highlight said okay if i’m going watchone of your movies and then come again hi there Cassandra i will provide your boss opento your boss I have got to discover a hairdresser that is aformer sing kid then you can disregard a excellent haircut a lot of individuals say that mystyle could be very visible very emo it i don’t see it that wayI throw it up my hair individuals stated people mentioned that’s seen here but I used to be by no means inthe identical you already know what i am speakme a couple of scene here the place you hear basicallyto use my caliber majority of your life no I was once like I had 80s hair like whatthey known as scene here used to be I was once jogging as much as guys and roses that and not inmusic night time stuff like that that is why I had that hair I wasinitially lacking after they mentioned oh you’re seeing Kate i am like wait what’sthat we like to make use of my fairly a differential mining individuals however I hadsome excellent songs I just used to be more about my eighties rock destitution Dillaoh hiya expensive Li says I believe attacked I quite like the colour black I looklike RINO from ultimate fable 7 I’ve acquired that quite a bit really i do not the chicken used to be pleasant the states are tryto get you off to obvious right here that they call seen right here itwas adopted into that type of strong music nevertheless it originated in the 80s likeevery 80s singer had that hair developing up after which some humans’s hair used to be justlike tremendous hood like mine job is here it Rod Stewart’s here just health center no not Stewart Goblin King this is the problematic minute no nowyou’re observing listen who’s the lead actor for GoblinKing David Bowie okay David David Bowie wouldn’t used to be the Goblin King here I wasthat for Halloween in here and i had my mother on her it is the same yeah Sabby sandwiches I want to go to thatrestaurant the Goblin King right here was once a wig by the way numerous people did thinkI wore a wig but should you nurse within the Goblin Kingwater it was the woman to behave that played the the in there i would ought to say my favourite filmsprobably fight membership Jennifer Connelly somebody said Jennifer Connelly semesterSarah Connolly it is it is nothing it can be Jennifer Connelly’s how does the movie Baker’s Jennifer Connelly’s not that ohshe used to be a little one it’s his job yeah she used to be most of the time about 14 15 those arereally just right actors I don’t know who Sarah Sarah was once the persona she’s on the whole 30 ish now good that is satisfactory forty-eight she’s forty eight is she huh shelooks rather just right hope I look forty my dad is almost fifty two years old he does not she’s obtained a bit of older am i able to see it nowit’s a bracelet I knew a lady that bought a necklace buzzing hurt she was she would have hadto relatively desired that you relatively wish to the food is really good certainly welcome again well there is some fowl and if you guys are questioning why someof the users in here have first-rate house subsequent to their name it is due to the fact they aresponsors of the channel and the hyperlink to do this is in the description under weget emojis can a few of my sponsors unsolicited mail some of those lovely emojis that theyget that’s Italy that I got all these madelook there is the actual these men and women which might be spamming proper nowthey straight help the chamber that is excellent now not gonna lie love BTS you you heard BTSwhat you suppose about BTS the Korean oh yeah that’s a significant hit they’re reallygood they’re fairly good they’re in playing on radio the man that spoke they might be like saying the usa I must be back to tuition that’s theretail above one yeah I did a video considered one of them ever since end of the videothese guys are particularly good i am completed are you guys done have you ever Kerry saidwrapped if your full discontinue eating this she’s right so my mother are you guys readyto go external are you competent yeah i’m a BTS fan i don’t think I’ve ever heard smell ok-popgroups i have never seen Jackie today all correct guys what do you need to tiplet’s let’s put let’s put up the tip proper nowanybody that wants to throw in on the tip go right right here so humorous with theemoji spam super do not just prime it there you go shevellewho’s acquired it so we acquired $5 from the tip thus far oh my god Nicky Morris donated$9.99 is that just for or used to be that only for the tip I don’t have any ideawe’re gonna go ahead and cut the tip off proper there we don’t need no extra nowthat’s really quality let’s get some – Shafter Nicky Morris and SH and Ella forhelping out on that tip thanks woman that’s oh my god i am so cool they’re back Kari donated $2 that thisis it for at present i’m broke thank you girl let’s get some – chat forKari guys we’re at 100 and fifty three dollars in donors that suggests weonly want i am suck at math forty seven bucks unless we meet the following goal yeahwe have been paying donations like days high favourite singers Jon BonJovi he Chris Cornell health care centerslast year final week right here with that factor what is that it is a are living streaming ok it was once intriguing sighs form ofwondering what it was you can say ha – there may be a bunch of men and women they they’ve noticeable me I used to be lobstermenonce and i obtained famous here ok in case you guys want to get Greggsomething we will go to Walmart and we’ll get it you simply tell me should you funny meout and cinnamon I take heed to 24 Greg very well we will go towe’ll go to Petco if you said 24 Greg we’ll go to Petco get Greg some stuff there – Mickey Morris donated $20 forGreg let’s get some – chat for Nikki Morris guys crowd Louis I businesswhen you lash endorsements like we wouldn’t have one is that that is that actual operator do wehave evidence of that that is very awful that’s real Vegas is hot you know it’s humorous thingis like you think but it used to be to be then you definately get thatyou’re like let me tell you the reality you back like those mountains it is like stunning I’ve ever seennot handiest a couple believe about la is like nearly cool nevertheless it’s the the streets arereally dirty there is a vampire film on bones in no way heard of it i really like because of mark up t-shirt gottago again to work whatever out taught me i love type of fine disco unimaginable I’ve in no way heard of itI’m totally and examine it out now Cassandra Connick donated Bob doll I mentioned this isfor you cinnamon hope you will have a first-class day thanks so much it’s so cutelet’s go so Papa Chak fruit honey we’re at 100 and seventy eight dollarsand dodos very practically the goal of 200 appear at it k we might believe are wegonna damage the circulate report today the move document is 300 and sixtyfive bucks I consider we will wreck it like we often it takes so much longer toget don’t become aware of like that i love manufacturer-new inadequate postagelike boat you like Brandon yeah listen it speed used to be clearly particularly extraordinary no i don’t I don’t know why Jocko oh correct oh gosh I think one factor one drink away i do not i’m so cool proper now thank you might have a excellent one let’s walkthat we’re happening I wanted it Oh oh my god you guys look at my stomach ohmy god I’ve no longer ate that a lot all people lost Ram i’m so tiredI did not get any sleep oh my god oh god I consider so what does that feeling is itindigestion I consume an excessive amount of I justyeah i am not vomit don’t stroll it off i’m going to check out to stroll on my arms Ishould now not are trying to do this Anabelle Teske donated $2 that mentioned candy goggles repthese goggles are gonna be in the merger retailer someday this year let’s get somehype and chat for Annabelle Teske everyone we’re at a hundred and eightydollars in donors whoa look at the sky that’s sort of beautiful look how vivid the whole lot appears incamera looking to get you to do my retailer for meBrandon when Brandon was once here he was just like the camera guy it used to be so fuckingawesome having anyone simply discontinue to point the digicam at you i suppose we can I consider this is one of the prettiest partsof this subject it looks up or somewhere some actual coollooks like we’re an identical actual cool but we’re no longer good you heard this for a 2nd i’m sosick to my belly i will be correct again guysoh yeah i am dangerous guys what do they do factor out here or what no which you can talkto me yeah i’m gonna let her speak to you guys for a 2nd why go be ailing you’regonna be sick ok okay howdy guys step swimsuit okay i guess i am on my possess now’s hegonna is he gonna puke I don’t know he could as possiblelessons in overeating I agree have I met great yes definitelyoh thanks Oh ill okay so that is going down your real identify I appreciated ityes sentiment is my relay even when he’s death he’s smiling lolain’t it continually don’t forget than anxiety assault him smiling him anon he needs itdown inform him I did not get no sleep do not howmuch i have been working that’s allah are you feeling okay youdon’t seem so excellent tell him to stand up for the teach theTrain is pearl we’re in no threat getting hit by means of lovely just right I’ve obvious you andChatsworth we do a chant work i don’t smack any after self-service that is like really heavy i do know I’mback ah i am simply tired and ailing it can be like a tard second there may be theTrain oh they want to see the teach it’s over there you know you can do that what sentiments favourite animal a canine isit sure I didn’t know that what’s my favourite animal agree let’s go to thatstage over there for no rationale let’s do it okay i am gonna order some new stuff i’m goingto order some new stuff for the avenue Niki Morrison how do I become a sponsorI feel Kim considering that considered one of my sponsors explained what to do the hyperlink is in thedescription sizeable Sinclair used to be watching women Isay to him what uh that’s what i might say we’re gonna go over there Shandell used to love to say it can be simplest aStarbucks espresso for one Starbucks coffee that you may sponsor the channelsponsoring a channel helps me do all of the things that I do it funds most likely thislivestream factor that we do i have a larger overall intention which I want to geta larger mounted a better installed it’s known as rut gunner that you can google itit’s pretty cool vehicle essentially go right here video me it’s so green sure it’s very inexperienced smack kiss however I could we’re now not gonnado that must we do that how tall is repI’m 5/8 no I hate the auto thing hahaha probably you shouldn’t I do not know unlessyou wanna throw up it’s all excellent ok good something RevZilla do some push-u.S.If you happen to get unwell while doing a handstandeveryone can be cursed do a cartwheel now do a cartwheel okay Oh backflip haha shandola says OMGy’all are evil oh are you ok yeah for maybe he didlook it’s a lovely place there is not rainingit is raining right here bad all epic failure no it is now not a excellent concept to do what he’sdoing after eating you’re right sonic thinks you’re funny sonic thinksyou’re funny satan flamingos donated dollarninety-9 you are attempting homie go double so mega every person we will give him a nicefuneral what are we at dough nostril 180 love theboots savage Sam loves your boots 180 no nosewe most effective need 20 extra dollars to arrive the purpose after which we’ll have twogiveaways do you have got have you visible this shirt this ripped shirt it is in you canget this it protects you from the lemon it’s in the description some thing likethat preserve on down this it protects you from lemons and we taseyou from lemons huh you certain that song that used to be particularly variety of boring have a first-class eveningbye-bye white boy dancing attention everyone this is a white boytwerking are you able to twerk good let’s examine their booty shake oh yeah it’s recent yeah they see this uhthe solar’s fairly vivid yeah you see it make your mark and spot where it takesyou I have got to pee particularly bad guess whateverthe rest room is that this like some variety of motivationalpoll within the center of nowhere yes sure it’s it’s also waterI haven’t any ice computing device angel creme donated $5 do a video aboutthe singularity of 5gy fun could make the whole factor right here there you goangel cream donated $5 can meet some have a verify for angel cream everybodysaid do a video in regards to the singularity of 5 Jaffa or now not but it surely will have to be awesomeif you inform men and women both manner you are exceptional you’re greatthe singularity a fob Chihuahua huh what’s all that aboutdoes any person recognize anything in regards to the singularity of pop do you off off cuz Ijust suggestion that was sort of identical to ordinary then all correct that’s the place I thoughtabout renting right there yeah they’re handiest 755 and so they’re particularly gigantic Hayek Hayek within the condo what uh yeah Igot this pin from I feel it was Jackie was it Jackieyes it was Jackie whats up yuck hiya Ike has been the sponsor for threemonths oh my god nickiemoore sponsor we have a newsbecome towards the sponsor hype I wish to see a sponsor scorching let me see thoseemojis we simply obtained a brand new sponsor thanks so much in your help and yourcontinuing i like you do you know what I mean yeah Washington is among the funnestthings I suppose I’ve ever achieved seeing that it can be like yeah you’re now not payingattention every body else in there friend muchthere’s humans ordinarily gazing you do this they’re like you’re making them waymore of a change than they are you’re making you are doing the most youCaine and i am as a rule pleased with like this group that I’ve cultivated like thecause the community which have I took extra special care and cultivating thiscommunity thanks Nikki enjoy your drinks emojis additionally let me get intodiscord and you get certain privileges there and you’ll have special privilegesacross all other social medias and also you additionally get a percent off in the merchstore so simply hit me up DM me i’m going to provide the reduction codes and everythinglike that and sure your reps your Gregg viceambulams colours the longer you may have been the sponsor so you will find I consider thered is three months a blue two months after which I put out of your mind what colour it goesafter that however that you would be able to tell you within the discord if you want to examine that out we’re at underneath nah 87 for $187 and oh nothat way we simplest need 13 extra bucks to arrive the purpose of 200 and we are going to doour second giveaway usually no longer gonna live circulate until my bed Tom I haven’tslept so much at all and i still received to do a video so I do need to do a video todayfor tomorrow so i am gonna do a video too in case you guys seen I did a video todayas well we’re gonna feel we’re gonna take a seem at moma Khan in at present’svideo Shandell a donated $13 it’s the secondgiveaway and and yo do we get some pop and chat for shandola and also you say hello wowthat’s outstanding I still received a section of head here Iforgot to had to be we are at 200 and five dollars in dono s–regularly it would not replace proper so we’re at $205 and oh noes subsequent intention is300 the flow intention the perfect amount of cash that we now have ever made and duringa reside flow is 300 and sixty 5 dollars i’m going to inform you what if webeat that at present i’ll take 100 bucks oftoday’s are living circulate donations and i’ll donate them to an animal rescue thingand we will in the next lifestyles stream we’ll go to the animal rescue and i’ll givehundred dollars for that if we damage modern-day livestream goal i will do thatwill you maintain this why use the bathroom it can be why you must have an individual elsewith you due to the fact that you can’t take that bathroom or you can exhibit yourselfuse it you should dye your hair yellow thoughtabout dyeing my hair inexperienced you sponsor Annabelle teske welcomeAnnabelle Teske is this your first date no this is not it’s your favorite ice cream flavor Idon’t be aware of i don’t eat ice cream perhaps cookie dough woo Annabel welcomeAnna buh yeah any person who can you tell us about the first day formally heardlike a knowledge relationship i guess we went jogging some thing like what we’redoing now i’m involved he’s no longer gonna find a bathroomcinnamon where will you get $1,000 when you had a chance at Walmart sizzling tubs Iwork for the place you guys ate oh hiya are you doing there you good I’mgood you like an area babe what you like aspace babe someone said they may be speaking about me I think they’re speaking aboutyou Cassandra Donna ninety nine adored you so much butlol pin was once for me the pin was from Cassandra oh i am so sorry Cassandrathey both despatched me ripped our stuff they each work yet tower bear that is correctyou’ve been paying concentration thank you for updating everyone peekaboo ICURevZilla Oh is all people watching at me yeah Oh Raoul says you aren’t reading my namewhen replying my comments can you pronounce my title hahaI’m assuming this Raoul have this Philip i am hoping that is correctI’m like the sector’s worst RA UL ro I feel possibly you each have beautifulsmiles Hayek Hayek thanks oh well they never observed learn how to say my identify notop tala bear i am hoping i’m announcing that proper Trippi Sol rainbowsand mushrooms I consider green hair can be awesomethanks to Sandra i am still pondering it over although you guys must go to themovies savage Sam it can be teylaI would clearly you cannot walk circulation in there beautiful certain it can be a federaloffense hey whoa endure k i’m gazing Digimon soulless andburping what have you learnt about Digimon i’m just asking you I wasn’t that’s it thanks so muchsentiment ok will get painted Digimon you do tell rep to sing a track for usall highlight triangle i’ll i’ll sing asong i’m going to play a couple songs on the end of the flow like invariably and if youguys wish to ship in any fan mail or whatever like that i’m going to do wish to fillup the top house on my wall the yellow field is in the description beneath thething pointed at me yeah Kirby soul mentioned in my nose I didn’t knowit used to be simplest inform us about your female friend sorry guys i am trying to see all people’scomments sorry if I pass previous any person’s oh good I pass over his twerking savagesounds it’s Raul says rip is understanding good arms i am beginning to feel alittle bit better now want I didn’t throw my coat let me say anything then we’re on 54% this cellphone keepscharged you are a rather just right profile yeahlook seem that manner look on the facet of her face it is so attractive we let that nostril it can be funnyI was once just about up for your nose I feel beautiful excellent now whoo i like you guysnose bloop here have a kiss well we’re doing to sponsor giveaways atthe end of the livestream on account that we bought 205 if we make it to 300 i will go aheadand do whatever distinct have you ever ever taken a personality scan uh yeah we needto take that character experiment later even requested her questions and has she takenher persona experiment all right guys everybody asked her questions Rowe says a shit channel no I do nothave a channel she makes some huge cash doing her job although it’s your favoriteJon Bon Jovi music dwelling on prayer I do not know that oneyou certain her cool in the summertime good this is the shortest of my hair’s everbeen angel creme however i’m loving it seviche sam says the place does she get herbeautiful eyes from do not know unicorns or puppets unicorns would rip make agood reward absolutely without doubt make a good president Cassandra says sent herthe link and have her take it i’ll do thatsonic sonic donated a greenback let’s get some hype and examine for SonicI spit in every single place so she sucks within the houseSarah Shan do you love Justin Bieber um i’ll admit to that one i love JustinBieber Xavier Mars i’m no longer quite acquainted withpuppy or Mars simply on account that i’m now not relatively acquainted she likes Mars and she here Mars isalternative and in domestic dogs love it’s like are you excited Halloween’s aroundthe nook Vivian from most Lopez virtually Halloween is my favoriteholiday how about your favorite place to discuss with Ilike to head all kinds of distinctive places thirty Seconds to Mars in live performance myfavorite colour is black q every M is rep selling those shirtsI need one says torrents yeah the links in the description the hyperlink is beloware you a horror film fan for movies is close to all I watch do you feel inghosts yes would you let your children dye theirhair and bag a rainbow i’d let my children dye their hair any colour theywanted to savage Sam says what’s your longest relationship I have no idea theanswer to that one mum used to be 5 years mine used to be five years Iguess my wife’s up to date one which horror films are your fav I loveHalloween additionally run to 13 the place Halloween sweaters I wear Halloween sweaters allyear-circular Cassandra good for you however i have never told you about this shirt this shirt protects you from theIlluminati like Johnny money yes i admire Johnny cash I think tonight I don’tbrawl bossman it can be a lot more lighter now like the fellows they guys have been therelike their prey their lot robbing Susan can you shut up my channel it nope okaywhat’s your craziest ghost stumble upon there is too many there is too many that’s like a whole sitdown story time correct there oh relatively big on YouTube oh good she he saidunless you’re me and you’re speaking about tornado is just about killing it no nobut I do have numerous ghost reports play Ouija board yeah that may be funare you investigators 17 no i am no longer aninvestigator you will have to lead to 20 minutes rabbitsabout my dream yeah satan flamingos please tell themsometime i’ll most likely need to try this sometime so which you could get able forthe new video so highlight triangle oh thanks point but we’re going to keepgoing for slightly bit we’re at $208 endo nostril with our purpose of 300 do we doit mostly you don’t look to return that tree no are you in obstacle you think Ican remark tree you guys need to see me nation rebutrose rural stated at some point I wish to be like rip he is getting cash well eatingand going out with his female friend you were my idol man good all this moneypretty so much most often goes again to you guys in any case adore it it most of the time like ifthe donations go to love hints for the waitresses getting Greg stuff I don’treally keep that much of it in any respect within the giveaway stuff i purchase the merch thatI supply away shandola says do not play with Ouija boards if you don’t know whatyou’re doing that’s in most cases quite excellent advice climbing hope this keep my drink i’m a rep monkey a rep monkey i’m scared they want to ask me a question below thetreatment highlight Rangel says get down huh sushi who says what if the firedepartment has to come back get him down oh hello dearly says i’ve a query not ever frightening was once ample that ha Cassandra says that is a tiny tree youdork hahaha used to be that it body did youCassandra says i’m certain cinnamons kiddos can’t climb it means faster haha brother oh my god you bizarre shoo it can be on itDominic donated $1 procedure – chat for Sonic each person – chat for Sonic I wantto see that hype good just right good rips what honey cuz there Tayla endure I gotta go now however it’s beenfun guys bye teyla bye i am gonna run throughout thestreet Ripley they bought come zero over right here fuckingfreedom again you acquired a peat ok I think I drank toomuch Brooks are means an excessive amount of in that drink an excessive amount of but once I went in therethere was a herd of toilet and that used to be I needed to pee on itgross Tayla endure you set it right thank youbye love you guys Bry ray you’re now not by myself you are with usthis is right that is authentic sorry guys i am new to the wife’s training the object I’mgonna be honest Cassandra says no get vanilla coke Ilike vanilla coke they must make vanilla coke zero they do no I don’tknow Vivienne Remos Lopes i’ve little onestoo oh just right for you Shan della you are doing nice honeyoh thanks love you guys yeah i’m going to keep this why you can not can youidiot cuz if they’ve it they don’t don’t worry about it yeah you are gonnacarry out the toilet ha ha ha oh adequate are you gonna throw it awayoh good enough yeah you are right Bree races rep it can be the first time seeing you are living lovewhat you’re doing man thank you i like you for being here rip you shouldcatwalk Greg i do not believe that’s how it worksthe video is buffering slow i am sorry after this I believe we’re gonna pressure outto pet code and get Greg some stuff it is days of browsing if I get married i’m going to Ostrom it oh no we have now would use an effective way intothe stream what’s up the mist all correct Savage I bought to do some thing crazy with my hairit’s rather short correct right here I did not learn I this part correct herethough uh Greg is six years historical he was once bornJune twenty sixth and 2012 I don’t know about diving it oh this is piece of hair righthere two little X it can be obtained whatever wrong with itlook at that that is weird-looking that sounds weird the hair goes up thehair goes up the shafts i’ve no longer visible neon genesis evangelionblock with green tears that sounds pretty cool Gregg does desire a girlfriend please haveher do the character scan today on reside flow possibly we will perhaps we can that soundslike a groovy suggestion good after we leave right here we’re gonnawalk back to the vehicle and then we’re gonna drive out to easier pit coverWalmart if whichever one’s open Zelda wishes to be his lady friend saysShindo it sounds lovely good hi could I say concert that you have areally cool shirt thank you’ve you heard about this shirt it protects youfrom the Illuminati and that you may purchase yours in these days in the Rebbe’s illa merchstore the link is beneath in the description additionally in the event you had been in european thenthere’s the eu link for that too you have got to click first or you should look up finger Vaughn what’s that oh my promise yeahthe de ones up on this brother fidget spinners with Gregg’s yeahthat’ll be within the merch retailer i really like anime i’m a weed Greg will have to get his own pet cam streamso they can have two streams equal time Greg could have a lounge circulate get himhis own IKEA bed and chook watch dream that sounds beautiful excellent i’m going to go to PetcoTIFF there if Petco’s open on Sundays a Greg motion figure most likely shandolasays you should watch the Gina Julian podcast on YouTube Julian argues are sosegways are to this point jogs my memory of your random promos for merch i will examine itout feels like a just right inspiration Greg plushies are certainly taking place I need a Greg plushie so bad like that’sthat’s my that’s my stuff right there that mug was dope man like i’m gonna usethat Emily use it it’s so nice find it irresistible’s hotquality I like it i love Reptar are you adore tacky apples i don’t knowI have no idea i am enthusiastic about that i don’t knowoh this is some birds what’s up hen i will help you had a Coke Zero this hen the place’d it go the place’s that do not evensee oh there it is we had whatever to throw all of it right let’s go to the panco we go topick up ok fine something since I don’tknow if it’s open on Sunday but it surely’s not who all morning sugar i’d think towhat shame day used to be like k that sounds just right Shin dela ThankYou Cassandra so what do you suppose about me relocating toChattanooga video your signal you could normally sit within the nook of arestaurant yeah i’m down for it I need to make the callI did a contact better and higher there now that i do know i will be able to go there didn’tknow you know i am obviously going to get alot of thing I simply have that rave on there given that Ididn’t I did not have the opposite thing you guys ever seen the scar where I bought hitby a auto I had a brain damage to talk to you about it you want to look my scarshow them my scar let’s get throughout the avenue so we do not get hit through an additional carfirst that is the place I obtained hit by using auto yeah that’s a scar Cassandra says yeah take a smash andhave some YouTube that is fun isn’t it adore it washing is enjoyable to believe is handy in itit fairly is they’ve them for sale at Walmart or preachy but I have no idea thisabout one’s spotlight triangle cinnamon are you able to ask rip what the next day to come’s videowhat’s day after today’s video i am doing a video emoticon a further quite excellent videois determine out editors generation you get a relatively excellent video on it my boy Edwin I suppose Edwin is hanging out with hisgirl Friday k I obtained it recognize if it was on me okayhere’s on you let’s put it on you so i can walk with it k my bestie yeah see how a reside stream is solely they wantyou to liberate your inventive facet no a person screenshot this smilescreenshot this can be a screenshot pondering lead it to me these flats up there that is soweird watching i do know well it’s a house I sort of semi no likethird celebration who lives there however I feel something unhealthy happened after which wantedthere are attempting sure on it and they’re trying to like renovated but i’m not associatedwith them in anyway you wish to have to exhibit them exhibit them that house that’s creepy is it abandon I thinkthey’re renovating it Wow cuz it’s no longer dangerousyeah that is why I wish to sneak in it Cassandra all snap yeah i suppose she gotyour screenshot Raul says it appeared like a church I certainly consider it can be from likearound the Civic yeah fairly yes you don’t have to admire satan flamingo says RevZilla and some ofthe urban explorers smiley J says maintain her handoh my god it is a it’s a it’s a good do the colour you gotta kiss me no that’snot mistletoe it can be mistletoe kiss me that used to be lovable oh thanks guys stomach the restrict I did I mean beyond the limitI’ll commonly weigh 270 kilos proper now car gee-ya Jeep was it depressed look atthis tree it appears relatively unhappy I have to give it a hug here let me supply it a huggo supply her a hug it appears unhappy oh he said I get far from my hair to get like downhere smiling J extra cinnamon are living vids with them you are probably the most widespread personI’ve ever had on the launch display everybody else tonightcan you just stream via your self it is very tough when I had Charlie on he after I had Charlie on I didn’t go goodBrandon’s used to be higher they like brainy you guys like Brandon failed to you youguys did you guys like Charlie like inform me how inform me the way you guys think aboutCharlie and Brandon they making you wish to have to get your possess slightly bitI mean Asif he was equipped to make as so much money as i am doing and you still be ableto do your job that will be like he’d be pulling in like most likely five frequently 8,000 for money she makesa lot more cash than I do incidentally it is impressiveyou’ve done that yourself just right crossing safer safer here smiley Jwe certainly already had dinner we just had Mexican Vivian i am anassistant store manager at Walmart on revenue that does not imply she eats a lotof stuff but that is bought nothing to do it that’s bought nothing to have a salary in fives channel there’s a dude namedDavid where i am lovely I think David’s innocent guys he messages me quite somewhat attentionother k oh he’s just he likes speakme so much JinBella was without a doubt in NY city not too long ago I was once supposed to go to NewYork but you understand no one wants to journey with me even supposing I pay for the planeticket i’d journey with you however you can not you need to let me recognize threeweeks ago i will I simply have got to be aware of three weeks in that bank what about yourkids they may be able to say with conquering August but that’s now not but that is no longer enoughtime I did a month I mean three months inadvance three weeks upfront but it needs to be the way in which my PTO works is Iautomatically accepted for some thing but if two other salaried managers havealready put in for that day then I are not able to have that day ok yeah but first comefirst serve and we particularly should not have three or more managers on trip atthe same time correct good i am supposed to head to Seattle September first however Idon’t be aware of since i do not except until NIT no person needs to hang out knit you inhere I simply don’t love going to locations for the primary time and i ain’t gotnobody to show me around hang out with stuff like that xoxoxo post rep you should dye your hairsilver weight loss program hair silver dagger hair silver and that i dye my hair inexperienced I waslike blonde and the tip stood on this subject rattling it loud let’s get in the auto you like how while you come each person staresat you in question however that is pretty spectacular setup manit’ll be even chillier after I get the other thing little one and my manager Osito see we’re at $209 and Ono’s of thegoal of 300 we got two giveaways on the way in which we giveaways every one hundred and donutsand i consider if we go forward and get 300 at present i’m going to do a beer giveaway as welljust cuz i’m feeling adore it k cool biscuits proper now we’re onour approach to no percent oh we’re gonna get Gregg some stuff yeah I would take the next day off and simply golooking for locations would do that Gregg does not have a band he likes tosleep in mother but i wonder if he used to be sleep in a mattress if I bought him one ifyou guys need to donate to get Gregg some stuff at Petco Rolla said don’t go away I would watchthis all day long i’m gonna attempt to do some cooler stuff on the following livestreamdo it i’m gonna streamline exclusive i’m gonna circulate on one more app you are drawing Greg it’s like after the live circulate is overit’s like you recognize how a lot your attention was fascinated with are living streamthis quite it is rather crazy you don’t know one here she’s absolutely gonna bean extrovert Greg likes gentle meals I spoiled him on it it’s so small AJ i’ve a twitch I never use it if I wasto movement on a different platform would most of the time be mixer although so worn out and it’s alternate of physiology oh reallyreally yeah like I should mostly cut it off right here that man’s constantly smoking it is rather exciting the way it works alot of people consider i am an extrovert considering that can be quite charismaticbut i am deeply an introvert yeah the likes although the lag is reallybad we lost a lot of users we have got to have went by way of a lifeless spot it’s k Hayek donated $2 and stated sing somethingfor the street well we’re fixing to get out however I wishlet’s get some – Jeffrey heck want you a Merry Christmas wish she would make likewe desire you’re making and a pleased New yr it is closed I’ve certainly not been to this Walmart thoughbut this so we might get instructed to leave we will have to go to the opposite a further they may be kind of we I suppose you be okay because with me do youknow people here yeah i know people would pretty much anyWalmart in the subject like inside like one hundred miles radius okay just drink put mystomach over the edge again it’s closed Petco’s closed so we’re gonna go toWalmart what the rent pronouncing is happening welcomeback you know i don’t feel you don’t haveany animals she’s obtained a fish Creely my four-yr-old feeds the fish we got oursome viewers coming back now he misplaced like over half of you say Boston a minutepresent for us you guys Bob despatched him to jail for us welcome back to the reside flow allright sister Laura what up say we met under a rainbow I’ve certainly not been to thisWalmart so we maybe requested to depart so that is gonna be interesting might be maybenot let’s check the battery we’re on 32%we’re doing just right let’s go it let’s can we go by means of home pharmacy the place’s blurry like that it is motive lowsignal I was once i like my lifestyles this isn’t a swap bullshit hazy namer snapping turtle now if you would be too cliche snappywould be too cliche Gator what about Gator alligator snappingturtles oh she’s enjoying there are customarily locations that form of dothis put it down and then I maintain not hate draw concentration to this when you walkaround like this individuals will not people is not going to make some intent will payattention to it but if you’re like preserve it oh sure within the air then it gets like you recognize the place the pet stuff this is itthat manner i’m very like after I get harm once I goto like a situation and i’d knock your hand I most often meet their ass suppose it’scold used to be I now not okay we’re here at the beststuff there is not excellent signal in right here i am sorry guys you wrote that so you misplaced like over 1/2 ourviewership some we have been dropping that is why I consider it could be method higher thanbeing Chattanooga because they by no means lose signal much less they arrive again but ittakes a minute thank you is that this that the place’s the cat toys hmm what could we get higher for dogs what do you guys wish to get oh whoa do they have got scratching publish I feel you were enjoyable I think you couldreally use a scratching put up I consider a scratching put up we’re doing excellent we’regonna get Gregor’s catching posts I think do you feel that will be just right Oh stuff yeah I feel i’m gonna get that I love it we’re gonna get that okay we’re gonna get that yes and i will go all the manner over toelectronics and see if i will get one of those things and i’ll plug simply orderedit off the internet however less expensive lot of things on this proper here so it’s abummer that used to be it pick up petticoat wasn’t oh it was closed so we did not getto do that however what we’re gonna do now’s we’re gonna get this for Greg we’regonna go back to the apartment it set it up for Greg and generally getinto some giveaways it is the self checkout able insert money or decide on panic variety thank you for shopping I want to thankmmm it what was once it was the name Minister minutes stood for donating for the Greggstuff so listen brother missus rip is a handsome fellowwell you’re fantastic now we will preserve it up much more proudbecause they can not tell sleep due to the fact we’re already doing that it sucks thoughthat I should not have good sign now we’ve got excellent signal now you’ll be able to start seeingthere’s 27 out they come back on the alerts better in view that they are able to see sothat’s lovely beautiful cool till you are you’re stunning sevensenses I saw a man on a white shirt he was once lovable which parka that itwe’ll be sure to not show your registration code that’s what that is referred to as getting dogsif you exhibit your office place they’ll pick these can rip it off the ache andthen your screed you get to be careful not to exhibit your bank card youraddresses that is particularly it’s fairly detrimental ample that you just just just showstreet signs to appear is that recall that is how I got a stalker guys rememberI bought a I had the stalker at one time very dangerous very hazardous stuff forsure we’re at two hundred and 9 bucks in donations will we get to 300 Idon’t understand customarily now not due to the fact that I have to get dwelling and get the set this up forGreg and get the get to work on the following video for tomorrowI have not had like there’s no sleep both seatbelts everybody at least thecar starts my auto broke down find it irresistible did not destroy down but the battery cablesare like eroded now so I get new battery cables nevertheless it broke down and wouldn’tstart like 4 or 5 one-of-a-kind houses and the last couple off streams let’s have a look at what battery we’re on do youhave a driver i’ve a driver’s license I’ve simply st.Grabbing today in case you go away i’ll pass over you if youleave i will pass over you i’m so worn out that it feels find it irresistible takesso so much vigor just to speak you ever been like that yeah it can be gonna liearound right here for some reason the indicators no longer just right correct right here so that you might justbear with we are going to get within the higher sign in only a moment the article is under no circumstances goodlike in there on this discipline but when I went and lived out in Chattanooga it wouldalways be good at invariably quite interested by doing it guysreally fascinated about relocating back I remember once I left I stated I regarded atthe city and that i said genuinely I stated first thing I do once I rap house is setup Greg’s little toy B and that’s the very first thing that i’m going to do um i will have ameet and greet i’ll see about it I got a variety of matters I gotta do earlier than I startthinking in regards to the meet and greets but we’ll get to it yeah so yeah it’s crazy oh this can be a reallycool shot appear at this i know i am wagon so I did a video to get ours in one other video my crane did anothervideo decade hours slept for like four hours did this i’m so worn out what it is been funI simply seems better Tom administration that is that’s what the autumn is the fault ismy possess from not having better timing used to be she doing torque what’s up Kristen sorry I did not understood what’s thefirst thing you will do i’m studying English and when you communicate speedy I don’tget it oh i am sorry in view that I speak fairly rapid most likely i’m carsick proper now my god but I wasalready ill to be fair in case you seem at my eyes you can see i am like a this islack of sleep overwork 100 percentage love this is a cool factor i admire yeah we’regoing house now appear at the side of that convenience storeShandell donated 5 greenbacks and said while you get dwelling can you please checkyour Twitter I want to see what you and cinnamon suppose of the image I sentabsolutely can we get some hype and chat for Shandell that places us at two hundredand sixteen greenbacks in donations with a purpose of three hundred do we do we havetwo giveaways on our solution to a 3rd we have now acquired a snapshot to look at i have finished are living streams oh it’s aprison so you got us some grants we’re gonna see him before center that’sawesome I’ve achieved are living streams the place I felt sicklike I used to be mostly strolling a fever up it is like don’t forget that one fellas sunnyI didn’t desire a live flow and that i felt quite bad the whole live flow buteven these ended up being really good are living streams I simply gotta upgrade my equipment Ithink so that’s what we ought to begin doing we must start hanging donationstowards upgrading the livestream apparatus which most that when it wascar for the IRL streams really i haven’t spent a buck on some thing except foradvancing the channel however I particularly want to get 350 sponsors which who should beat 4748 sponsors proper now if you guys need to sponsor sponsors like one in all thebiggest ways that you may support the channel after which to get us where we wantto be in reside streams in any case I wish to get to 350 we’re virtually at 50 and i’malso gonna open up a patreon i am in the working of a patreon for that purpose aswell so that is fairly enjoyable simply spooky-looking we’re at no he’s that is a quite just right concept I wantwe to do reside streams and go to those spooky houses you guys be down forexploring urban explorer and that is that might be funusing deserted buildings when you assess out and that i just was once like you wanted to checkout again now who said lots of love from Irelandto you both neighborhood urban legends we have got to look upsome urban legends in Georgia Harley and i was once truly there one time when I wasa youngster and any person pushed my mom down the steps and left oh my god thatsounds terrible but there’s nobody there is it mallover now not coast crushing up we would like i am crushing onyou i suppose that is a excellent crashing I are living in northern Georgia but probablygonna move to sit back to Tennessee I simply suppose like that is the that really isthe pleasant I struggle with it my obstacle is is like how how do you be ready tolike come see me that so much we’re house we’re dwelling it is best to suggestions it’sabout an hour and a 1/2 away reptillus Rebs is gonna be raped so you do not needto were half-hour it can be 30 minutes from here uh yes she continually smiles she’s likea relatively rather cool person all right let’s give Gregor’s toy we purchased in thesee his reaction reacting with the grain we’re at 216 dollars in donations arealready within the day it makes me want to keep on streaming i am so card let’s sayyou wish to set that up out here and then deliver it in yeah so we’re gonnawe’re gonna set this up out right here doing you screwed everything Oh you heard it here humans you heard eareddon’t eat the guidelines he goyou do not want it that goodlook at that didn’t even need anything Oh each time getting some thing likethree seconds oh wow this is so cool seem at thisguy’s Oh all right drink excellent Oh correct this is all entirely so that you just guyscome this must be just like the happiest camper room this huge is crap Trippi soul says what should I title mykitten greatah rather really proper excellent use this you finish to try this Oh pleasant I love it extra he goes nice you’re probably taking part in with it you’re not Shindell sure i admire climatedrag the cat perhaps they have got a guitar we will do a pair songs and then we’llgo forward and do the giveaways and we are going to name it so pay attention Birkin $three.99 say whatso hear broken $3.99 so pay attention broken donated $3.99 and hadnothing but their first rate do we get some hype and chat for soulless andbroken for donating that 399 i’m playing for favorites it deep inside why we make a decision i need you to get deep within I forgot the last section CassandraSeagraves donated diagnosis please do not forget about her personality test ohyeah k bye trippy so okay we can do thepersonality test they want you to try this we will try this k we’ll do thatlet me do it let me do one other genre song I expect you to be wrongI expected you all right last call for donations to beentered into the giveaway and we’re gonna do the giveaway and then we’regonna do her character experiment oh however i want this on Apple music thanks areyou guys donating have no idea coach choo-chooBob dollars from Xiong Dailin two dollars from Buffalo the bat can wecan’t hold him coming will we make it to 300 suppose we can make it she thinks wecan make it to 300 excessive up nineties 5 dollars that’s draw back i’m so sorry forbeing that greedy let’s hold it going we’re almost to 300 two dollars forsolace broke damaged i’m sorry i will placed on the Hat let’s let’s let’s deliver it homelet’s bring dwelling we can do it I look rather silly go go go go go go go gocan you chant with me do not go go go go Bob greenback shushing a let’s shake yourTwitter boy i’m in this sort of spinachy– i do know a person’s have put me down no let’s get everyone spamming emojis Iwant to see every person to greenbacks from DJ spider with lady in purple it can be a dancingwith me let’s preserve it rolling guys let’s maintain actual honesty everyone spammingemojis now a unsolicited mail emojis for height that is correct Greg donut rain guys aredonut training i am gonna get the giveaways capable $5 for displaying Doug I’mgonna do some thing crazy to my hair tonight after I get off circulate for surefor certain gosh look at all of the hype every body correct now spam hearts I wantto see hearts we received five dollars from PT decay I wish to see everybodyspamming hearts from each extraordinary color junk mail hearts fruit spam hearts forlove cannot do that screenshot blew it on his hearts is not that justgreat alright we’re at 2 hundred and fiftytwo bucks in donations which means we are forty Jackie Jackie we overlooked youJackie’s within the condo Jackie with the twenty bucks however I thank you for thenecklace Jackie and uh let’s inform our pop figures once more we’re at two hundredand seventy two dollars in donors guys we are almost to a few hundred threehundred is the intention these got here from Jackie at present thank you Jackie and this was once from Cassandra Seagravesyou guys be aware of i love Reptar it’s freaking top notch I acquired this pin too let’s get the 300 guys oh my godChandeleur with a 5-spot we are I consider it is I consider we’re like prettymuch at 280 that’s 20 extra dollars is there uh eighty ninety yes we’re to 80and 20 more dollars now we have met 300 that’s insane that makes me need to dosomething unique i love i really like announcing all the hearts fromof the entire colours loves you from Shandell extendo within the 5 dollarsWow 282 now 282 we are at 282 which means thatwe want or 18 we must go i’m really unhealthy i do not care i am really unhealthy at mathlike I received I got oh my god we bowled over at 302 why i don’t need to see anotherdonno to you Oh Jackie did Jackie donated 20 bucks we’re at three hundredand two dollars for that’s really good that is relatively excellent that is rather excellent wedid it guys let’s provide ourselves a round of applause we did it we did it I’mproud of it i’m pleased with us we did it we did it and we have got to take a few of thismoney and like donate it to anything thank youwhat are we donated to next livestream we’ll build um it can be some sort ofsomething to do with the animals one of the most cash I don’t know the place to goactually i will inform you what i’m supposed to do this thing with the youngsters’scharity thing additional existence what i will do is i’ll e mail and reach out toextra existence and we’re gonna do we’re gonna do something with them they’vebeen they set me up in Chattanooga that and they need me to move out to theChildren’s sanatorium I think that would be a rather excellent livestream we’d like togo to the children’s clinic we’ll do a livestream and we are going to put a few of thesedonations closer to that motive I sound good so i am gonna go forward and ship thatemail out tonight and we will speak to him he’s a really first-class man but it surely’s thisit’s this further existence so as to work should you guys wish to investigate it out extra lockor will get it is imagined to be like for video games but it visits it can be notsubjective just video games so additional org is where i’m gonna go and we will cling outso what we’re gonna do you want to speak to them whilst I set up the giveaway okayyou guys you guys can talk to cinnamon ask her questions and he or she’ll reply I’mactually going to be quiet for a second on the grounds that i am gonna set up the giveawaysokay k definitely making this bracelets Ican’t rather I don’t have time for a pet right now the kids i have a 4 yr olddaughter and a 2 12 months old son first place that is a hard one ok I’ve never been to Connecticut sonic i like you sand just right to peer I hada fairly pleasant time this has been a number of enjoyable seem forward to doing it againlove you guys so hear damaged sure that’s a longarduous story right there we would we might get a deep dive right into a later point hmm this is yeah it can be it’s a protracted story additionally type of complicated Oh shandolayou’re sweet what are you watching at me and now justlooking to peer what all you are doing there good me i’m simply getting DJsputter whip i am certain i’m going to be in many live streams to come back Mars are go i’m comfortable you are joyful andokay as a minimum of that oh thanks I like you pondering Shindo volunteering at an animal shelterCassandra that sounds excellent it sounds relatively fun i’m gonna emailextra laughs proper after this I need to reach out to a few regional shelters andsee if we are able to do some of that that looks like a particularly just right good fortune string rightthere I quite suppose that is a first-class suggestion what are you do that onto there and youcan see I simply replica and paste like the entire folks that died yeah after which I’mjust going like I got a monitor out like the other details that are not looking for andthere’s a better means to do this function i am not a political person I just choosenot to get into politics in any respect actually i am the same means however I do recognize a lotabout politics I would almost always consume cauliflower rice for the leisure of my lifegonna be ok Kassandra my birthday is sincerely April 4th i’m an Aries mine’s June twelfth i am a Gemini that’s really cool okay Sanders mom Marsare go for president we would play you in Mars Argo tune and you then couldreact to it they would really like to peer your reaction to her tune what song shouldshe listened to from Mars are go guys they are all big Mars Argo stands herehazy from ER I best have private social media i’m no longer and of you guys gottaremember the discipline that i am from folks don’t do this by means of that i’m like theonly one so it can be like an anomaly in these days I consider they were suggesting songs hererun away making use of me Runaways are particularly just right when utilising these a quite just right onewill customarily play too cuz i am all in favour of looking at your reaction wewe had we determine Brandon’s response before on the final livestream and it wasreally it was once rather enjoyable Washington’s response it made me comprehend why peoplelike observing reaction movies it’s nice cuz you are it’s like sincerely imaginelike whatever you like at present like what’s something that you fairly like to watchvery maybe a track ok like a song and you understand how when you are tellingsomebody new you that you mate like about the kind of music you love thissong they quite like you are like you want to play it for them after which youjust kind of wish to watch them their reaction it is sort of like Simon’speople make movies on YouTube response bears right yeah it is loopy you see boys chat on discord um probablynot i’ll mainly now not being voice chat given that I must work on yet another videoright after this so I gotta get I gotta get to work floor floor ground guysyou know the way this do you like indie rock hmm d i am notsure i’m going to show you anyone I i like what I hear I think I just haven’t heard alot of it it can be relatively excellent oh it’s like beautiesa lot of tune strategies in there there thereI bet I see so many names okay let’s get some hung up and chat forthe wrong way guys hype and chat starts this will likely to spin thanks stick round after the giveaway we’regonna do a couple extra matters giveaway number one elevate get some hop and chatfor raise everybody and i do know for other persons that is onegive aways from earlier streams three these matters are coming I needed to order a lotof those things for the reason that I used to be getting certainly made and they’re going to be right here thisweek and i will ship straight out to you with priority shipping so that you don’tworry it’s coming others okay let’s get some hype andchat for the 2d giveaway guys please Jesus Nikki Morris everybody let’s get some -chat for Nikki Morris and if you happen to didn’t be aware of this is what you win until you wish to have the usual but you’llhave to hit me up in ship me your understanding in DM it is the sweet hatspot each person wants this mug on this shirt and i might have anything specialfor you guys after there is Nikki in here Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki last waythis will I must be experiencing lag it can be a bummer ok shut the front dooryeah guys the the link to the merch store is within the description beneath that’sall accomplished percent all proper right here goes final one Soulsbroken used to be he the one that said please Jesus you feel so sure so was once brokencongratulation souls burglars come – chapter solos broken you might be all winners in my eyesabsolutely very well guys thank you thank you for the entire donations i’m reallylooking forward to doing anything with the charity factor and i’m my telephone’s on11% so what we’re gonna do is what was once that what else used to be I speculated to do justdo that personality test that’s it k all right so we’re gonnado the port the character test for her to peer what she is and we’re gonna ohyeah twitter twitter twitter that is it I concept there used to be some thing else okay57 notifications cheese oh they took they took screenshots once I stated thatand they quality that’s cool watching in it that is reallycool oh look she made us this is particularly first-class cap losses onunintentionally do that shout we hope you’re going to become a member of ki we would liketo thank rip Zilla for bringing the free SSL to our concentration we welcome any fromthe rip squad if you wish to play long oh yeah yeah yeah i’m ok with you guysjoining the massive dock Church thanks as long as they comfy it don’t join ituntil it says at ease the top believe me i haven’t been a sufferer of this uh-uh I acquired it it is comfortable it is cozy that’s why we make videos guys that’swhy we make videos they did cozy their website online so examine it out I just wish to showyou guys this is why you’re making movies this is why you do it at ease HTTPS wedid that what happened that’s why you are making videos I just want to factor thatout or was once long gone horrible all proper they did it is comfy it’s comfy now soit’s cool it can be calming for you guys to go for that side they did a best job avideo unfold attention there is nothing extra powerful than our voice that goesto show it proof and evidence correct there on the lost ring you hear allright here is this is cinemas first experienceof Mars Argo you competent that’s Mars Argo that’s absolutely thisTitanic Sinclair he is the one who like pressured anymore we’re doing that it can be certain it can be reallygood Colette monography i am sorry sorryColette Colette Colette II McLafferty donated $2 and said my child Greg a can ofFancy Feast you acquired it lady let’s get some hype and jet for Colettethank you let me see the battery oh we’re on eight% we acquired to hurry up take yourtest for this das on you if this dies on here it’s her fault you gotta answerthese rather truthfully you find it complex it i am sorry i’m afraid it’slike those trick questions you realize we did the are you bipolar or whatevertests and questions yeah okay you in finding it tricky to introduce your self toother folks you commonly get so misplaced in thoughts you ignore or omit yoursurroundings you try to reply to your emails as soon as feasible mm-hmm youfind it easy to stay comfortable even when there is some stress first ring you donot usually provoke conversations you rarely do anything just out of sheercuriosity right here you feel sophisticated to different folks all honesty i am like type of agreed forbeing sincere well we were mendacity being being organized is more essential to youthan being adaptable you are quite often encouraged and energetic okay profitable adebate issues not up to making definite no person gets upset you more commonly suppose as if youhave to justify yourself to other humans disagree your house and work environmentsare particularly abnormal II agree you do not intellect being on the center of attention youconsider your self extra sensible than inventive people can rarely upset youokay your journey plans are normally wellthought out very it can be extra elaborate for you to relate to other individuals’s feelings your temper can exchange very rapidly indiscussion actuality must be extra important than men and women’s sensitivities in the core no you rarely worry aboutyour movements affecting different persons disagree your work form is nearer torandom power spots then fable the bizarre mythical and geared up strategy disagreeyou are customarily envious of others disagree an interesting ebook or online game isoften better than a social occasion being equipped to enhance a plan and keep on with itis more main agree you not often get carried away by using fantasies and strategies intheory you mostly to find your self lost in concept when you find yourself jogging in natureI’m very if any individual does no longer


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