No Time For Gym Training, Personal Trainer Will Go To Your House

No Time For Gym Training, Personal Trainer Will Go To Your House

There are lots of individual who wanted to do their exercise but no enough time against their busy time from work schedules. They don’t have time to go to the gym and do a two or trice a week exercise to trim down their tummy for ladies and form a six pack abs for men. Now, for your information, a Personal Trainer can make a special service to go to your own house.

Really? They can do their services at home? But is it worthy to pay his/her service charge?

To tell you frankly, most of the personal trainers hired in the fitness gym can go also to your house. Some of them do their services outside the gym profile and they do this as their part-time job. So, it means, he/she can charge for a lesser amount of payment for the service comparing to gym charges. You can even ask some of the personal trainer when you go sometime to the fitness gym or call them into their number that you can find most of them in the directories. You can also find them at the website. Just type in the search engine field “Wanted Personal Trainer” or “Home Service Personal Trainer” or even “Personal Trainer”

But when you find a personal trainer, here are some reasons in hiring a personal trainer for your home training:

(1) Ask his/her educational background, is he/she’s a graduate of a physical training course or a physical therapy degree;

(2) check him/her about the certification, but in case of he/she’s not, you better make sure that he/she has a wide background or wide knowledge about physical training;

(3) are you gender conscious? Some of the women client, prefer to hire a female personal trainer rather than male because of awkward moments;

(4) are you looking for a star material personal trainer? We will rather suggest that you have to hire a non-star material personal trainer because the first one can charge you more because of their star quality but in the end point of view, in terms of service, the non-star quality can train you as equal with the star quality or even more;

(5) don’t hesitate to ask, how much per hour for the service charge;

(6) also without hesitation, you can ask if there is any discount when you do the training in your house during off-peak hours;

(7) if you have a big guts, you can also ask, if you can receive a discount when you train with your family members such as a group of three to four members; and lastly

(8) you can ask, if he/she wanted to make barter service or an exchange of any material you have for his/her free personal training service or big discount.

The best thing in hiring a Personal Trainer in your house is you can save your time from driving to the fitness gym. And also when you do the personal training at home, you own your time, and you can talk to your trainer to exchange time just to meet your ultimate goal compare to the fitness gym with closing time. Remember that personal training at home is much cheaper than fitness gym training.

This article is not against for the fitness gyms, it is just a matter of comparison of home service personal training with the fitness gym training.

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