Personal Trainer, Open For Business

Personal Trainer, Open For Business

Maybe you are wondering, why there are lots of individual wanted to become a Personal Trainer? There are two things to consider, first is being healthy and next is the income that they can generate. But first, you must think, what type of personal training services you want. Are you putting up a health and fitness gym and hire at least five personal trainers that will help you in your business or just a freelance personal trainer.

If you decided to put a health and fitness gym, you need a big amount of investment compare to a freelance personal trainer that will only need a minimal amount of investment. But of course, if you choose the first one, you can generate a big return of investment compare to the second one. This article will teach you to open for business in personal training.

Let’s start with putting up a health and fitness gym. Make sure that you are already a personal trainer, a graduate of a prestigious personal training school and certified by a well known personal trainers association. Make a background feasibility studies in where to put up your gym. Is there are fitness clients who wanted to have a fitness gym in the area? If no problem about your feasibility, apply for a city and a community permit for your business. Then, while in the construction of your fitness gym, you have to advertise that you need personal trainers to be part of your business.

All in all, you have to prepare at least $300,000 to $1,000,000 dollars as your starting capital including the gym equipments. When your fitness gym is already open, aside from fitness clients to train in your gym, you can display some of the dietary program pills and juices in your reception area for additional income but be sure that the programs you are selling is certified by the Bureau of Health and Drugs.

Now, let’s proceed to a freelance personal trainer. The same with the first one, you are already a graduate of a prestigious personal training school and with personal trainers association certification. Then, if you can do it by yourself, create your own website to market yourself about your services. And to save about the website developer professional fee, you can offer also your personal training services to him just like an exchange of service.

But if you can’t you have to hire website developer and designer to do it for you. You have to create friendship network to promote yourself. When you found a client, don’t ever mention first about your professional fee. You have to mention all first your services and wait them to ask about your professional fee. In this kind of freelance business, your starting capital will range from $30,000 to $150,000 including your fitness equipments.

And as a conclusion for this article, whatever your choice of business in personal training, you still spend an initial capital. A Personal Trainer will earn as much as expected if you concentrate with your business and do it professionally. If someone will complain about your failure services, I am assuring you that fifty to seventy percent of your unsatisfied clients will transfer in a word of mouth or simply means gossip about your bad services.

So, avoid not making any unprofessional activities in your business.

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