Reasons Why A Female Client Will Exercise With A Female Personal Trainer

Reasons Why A Female Client Will Exercise With A Female Personal Trainer

Losing weight personal training is a very private matter especially for women. There are different concerns to consider when you are choosing a Personal Trainer. One of the very most concerns especially if you do the personal training at home is gender. Of course, women are different from man especially in terms of training. Most women wanted to trim down and tone their tummy not to add a six pack abs. Men personal trainers have a tendency to ignore and coach their clients as they want for themselves. But of course, most of the women didn’t want to experience that. They don’t want to gain a six pack abs.

Of course, aside from that there are other reasons why women client will have to exercise with a female personal trainer. Don’t you know that if a female client will hire a male personal trainer, there are some negative feedbacks?

First, a female client will feel insecure when they do the exercising program intimately looking around by a strange man on her own home. Then, if you are exercising with your the same gender, it is okay whatever your workout attire. Unlike if you are exercising with a male personal trainer, you will be thinking of something that your trainer wouldn’t see your private or flesh body parts. Then you will be thinking almost everyday what to wear because of the insecurities. Of course as a woman, you will prefer that your trainer will help you much your prefer goals because she knew what you want. And of course, some female client wanted to form friendship with her trainer. And of course, if a female client hires a female personal trainer, she already knows and understands your body cycles such as menstruation (of course, you can’t do the exercise if a male personal trainer is guiding you during menstruation).

Of course, as a women client, you want to avoid an uncomfortable moments like he is holding your elbows to guide your weight lifts with intimate or closer body heat on your back from his muscular chest. Until you will create an accidentally intimate hug then if unprofessionally he will kiss you. Then if case to case basis that a woman client will allow what the unprofessional male personal trainer is touching her sweaty elbows then going to the butt and proceeded to a private room doing sex.

Most of the woman client wanted to be professional from their personal trainer either male or female. The difference between a female personal trainer and the male, the first one is assertive while the latter is very aggressive trainer. Of course, if you are doing your personal training at home, you don’t want your boyfriend or your husband to get jealous from your male personal trainer.

Then a woman client wanted a Personal Trainer who can advice a good health from their own gender and also wanted a trainer who you can relates personally. An example is when you talk about showbiz gossips, a female trainer might relate to your topic compare to men. Of course, a female client get nervous and even distracted when someone from opposite gender is looking all over her body sweating.

And the best of all, most women think that personal training with the same gender will create better results.

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