Your Total Body Workout

Your Total Body Workout

A total body workout routine is a great way to stay fit, healthy, and energetic. Rather than focus on the same muscle group every time you hit the gym, it’s important to concentrate on your body as a whole. Planning a total body workout routine can help you tone and tighten your entire body from shoulders to calves leaving you with a complete feeling of satisfaction and balance. Before you begin your total body workout routine, learn how to do our total body warm-up exercises to get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. When you complete your workout routine, cool down and stretch your muscles with your total body stretches.

There aren’t many sports activities that test every part of your body. Basketball and soccer are good for your legs and your aerobic health. Weightlifting makes you stronger. Swinging a racquet for an hour or two will help tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms, and will leave you stronger and more sculpted throughout your upper body. Tennis forces you to stretch dozens of muscles all over your body, including a few you probably didn’t know you had. Plan your workout around these six basic movements, and you’ll train every muscle in your body in less than 20 minutes per session. “It only takes two sets of each movement, done twice a week, to get most of the health benefits of weight lifting, including maintenance of your muscle and strength.

When doing back strengthening exercises, you can avoid injury by practicing the proper form of each exercise. A quick flex of the bicep is a great way to show off the results of all your hard work. You can do biceps curls using dumbbells, stability balls, and resistance tubes. Strengthening your chest involves more than just simple push-ups. As you work on strengthening your arms, don’t forget to concentrate on your triceps. Include these simple and effective triceps exercises to your total body workout routine for satisfying results. For a complete and balanced total body workout, make sure you focus on the core of your body, which includes your abdomen and lower back. Try out these abdominal and lower back exercises to strengthen your core.

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