Be Proactive With Acne Treatment

Be Proactive With Acne Treatment

At some point in life, most people deal with acne. It is one of life’s most annoying realities that doesn’t seem to be a respector of persons. As a dermatologist, I am constantly meeting with teenagers, young adults and adults that are tired of struggling with acne and that are desperate for acne treatment that works.

Effective and healthy acne treatment is my life’s work and my passion. I love researching about the causes of acne and about all of the possible methods for helping the skin clear from acne. If you’ve ever been to a store looking for an acne treatment, then you know first hand how many options there are and how easy it would be to make the wrong choices.

Most teens and adults I know go looking for the easiest and cheapest form of acne treatment that they can find. Yes, acne bothers them, but not enough to seek professional treatment. I am convinced that one of the reasons that so many people are unhappy with their chosen method of acne treatment is that they haven’t taken the time to make changes to their lifestyle.

I am a firm believer that the most effective acne treatment is one that requires a total change of lifestyle. When any client struggling with acne enters my office, my first assignemnt to them is to change some of their lifestyle habits for a month and then return to see me. I will not prescribe any topical or oral acne treatment until people have other daily habits under control. For example, I look carefully at the typical diet of my patients and I look for ways to help them cut out junk food. I ask them to drink more water and less beverages that are filled with sugar, and I encourage them to stay away from sugary and salty foods for the month. I monitor their fitness habits and suggest that they get moving.

This might seem like a strange method of acne treatment, but you would be shocked to learn that every single client of mine returns to my office after a month of changing their lifestyle in awe of what a difference changing habits has made for them. Yes, I do offer topical and or oral acne treatments to supplement their other methods, but the point is that no topical or oral acne treatment will be as effective without partnering it with a healthy lifestyle.

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