Every Day with Rachel Ray – is It Worth the Price

Every Day with Rachel Ray – is It Worth the Price

Every Day with Rachel Ray is a magazine for people who love to cook. But you’ll also find advice on things like entertaining and getting the most out of your food budget. Rachel Ray’s magazine also talks about cool gadgets you’ll want to buy, vacations you’ll want to take, and advice you’ll want to follow.

The staple of the magazine, of course, is its fabulous recipes. Rachel Ray doesn’t just have a few TV shows on the Food Network. She has also turned her magazine, Every Day, into a top publication. And her cookbooks are all best sellers. People clamor for her great recipes.

A magazine subscription gets new Rachel Ray recipes into your mailbox each month. If that’s something you enjoy, then a subscription is definitely worth the price. You’ll get more than just recipes, though.

You should watch one of Rachel ray’s shows on the Food Network to tell if you’d enjoy the magazine. The same spirit in the show is found in the magazine. Her folksy, plain-talking style has become her hallmark. If you enjoy her attitude and her style, then you’ll probably enjoy everything Rachel Ray does.

If you want a sense of what “Every Day” is like, you can go to her vast website. The website contains many of the types of things you’ll find the magazine. Her enthusiasm for good food and neat things is present on the website, just as it is in her show and the magazine.

Rachel Ray became a hit because of her show “30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray” and her friendly style. She uses cute nicknames for certain things, like EVOO for extra-virgin olive oil. She also boldly says things like, “Yummo!” and “It’s delish!”

This friend-to-friend manner of relating to her audience has made her a hit, and is in her magazine. It has some of her trademark 30 Minute Meals recipes in each issue. These alone are probably worth the price of the subscription.

30 Minute Meals are Rachel Ray’s claim to fame. Each recipe is something that you can make in 30 minutes or less. She demonstrates these recipes on her half-hour television show, to show you that you can do it.

Aside from how quick those recipes are, they’re also easy. But at the same time, the recipes are nutritious and mostly healthy. Some recipes might not be good for weight loss or watching fat or carbs. But those are the “yummo” exceptions instead of the rule.

Her 30 minute meal recipes contain basic ingredients that almost anyone can throw together to make a great meal. You can actually make a meal in 30 minutes that doesn’t come completely out of cans, boxes or your freezer.

There’s advice in the magazine that deals with food budgets, entertaining and electronic gizmos. These give “Every Day” a fun and conversational style. There are even games included for the total magazine experience. If you like cooking and reading fun content, you’ll probably enjoy everything about Every Day with Rachel Ray.

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