Healing: Secrets to Receiving

Healing: Secrets to Receiving

I have been interested in the topic of healing for nearly 40 years. I have seen people get healed in the hospital and in the living room. I have seen healing happen with medically prescribed remedies, with natural remedies, and with no remedies at all. I have also observed through the years failure in receiving healing from any and every method tried. It was all of these observations, along with discussions with those in the medical profession, and most importantly my study of Scripture, that led me to writing a book about healing a couple of years ago.

God does heal it is all over the pages of the Bible! So then why doesn’t everyone receive the healing that they need? That really is the right question. That is also a great secret in receiving healing, because in asking that question one has moved from wondering if God can and does heal to finding out how to receive what is truly available from Him.

By taking the time to closely examine records in the Scriptures that deal with healing a number of things become obvious. First, healing from the power of God is available. Secondly, healing from God is not limited to a certain group of people, nor a certain age, nor male or female. And thirdly, healing from God is available for every kind of illness, even death!

So if all that is true, then why do we not see more and more people receiving healing? Again, that is a good question. There is a record in the Bible where Jesus healed all who came to him. He healed all their diseases! What a day that must have been! But there is another record where Jesus was at a place where there were quite a number of sick people, and he only healed one man. Why did he not heal everybody?

The answer is a tremendous secret in receiving things from God, including healing. It is perhaps best answered in the words of Jesus Christ himself, when he said, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.” That is the biggest secret and the greatest key in receiving anything from God. It is one of the most basic truths in all of life.

This very clearly explains why some receive and some do not. It is also a very obvious indication that God has given us free will to choose. And, in giving us that freedom, He will not interfere with our decisions to believe what we want to believe.

So then, in receiving from God, whether it be healing, prosperity, or whatever is promised in the Scriptures, a person needs to do whatever is necessary to believe God’s promises. At times there are things that seem so simple to accept and believe and we receive. Other times it may seem to be a struggle. To focus on why you haven’t received is self defeating and a waste of time. Do whatever you have to do to get to the point that you absolutely, unconditionally, unequivocally accept His promise, and then expect to receive.

The most basic and vital key in receiving anything from God is believing Him; accepting what He says as true; having confidence that He is able and willing to do what He has promised. Getting to that point will unlock the power of God in your life, and you will receive healing.

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