Leave-related natural plant food

Leave-related natural plant food

These days using environmentally friendly products and techniques is the best way to do things. Agriculturists and horticulturists have realized that the benefits they can get from greener actions are many and as a result they are starting to use more natural plant food alternatives.

Thanks to our greener consciousness the market is flooded with natural plant food options that can be used not only by homeowners but also by big producers. Some of the most commonly used natural plant food options are wood ash, aquatic vertebrate coating, animal dung, alga and leaves waste matter. Leaves waste matter, fish coating and alga are available in the form of fluid as well. The most popular method among farmers is leaves waste matter because it has a lot of beneficial effects on the plants wellbeing.

Leaves waste matter- Pros

This kind of natural plant food can be sprinkled over the plant or it can be directly poured into the ground producing great results for gardeners and big producers alike.

One of the main advantages of leaves waste matter is that it can boost the natural absorbing capability of the ground. This is so because this type of plant food will augment the plants’ natural saccharide amount that will then induce the intake of the added substances. In a recent research it was demonstrated how plant can improve their quality with the use of foliar plant food. It was also stated that leaves waste matter is a perfect ally to fight off illnesses and fungal infections. This is so because this type of natural plant food will protect the foliage and roots of the plant.

How to use leaves waste matter

The best way to use it is to thin it with water prior to applying it on the ground and/or foliage. If you do not do this you may harm the plants’ wellbeing and hazard the leaves as well. Another thing you need to consider before using the leaves waste matter plant food is that the acidity level is zero. If you are going to sprinkle the product over the foliage, ensure that your applier is strong enough or if it is not you can always use a mist-blowing device.

Moreover, you need to check that wind is not blowing when you use the product because if it is a bit windy the product will go to other plants that might not need it. The ideal weather conditions are humidity of 40% and a temperature of 20 degrees Centigrade. The reason why those are the better conditions is because during cool, humid days the plants are more likely to absorb substances more effectively. Remember to sprinkle the product all over the plant for better results.

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