Meditation Chairs

Meditation Chairs

Meditation chairs can enhance the experience of exploration by allowing you to sit in a comfortable and relaxed position during your relaxation session. If you have back problems or limited flexibility, the chair offers a comfortable alternative to sitting on the floor.

For those just beginning the practice of meditation, a sitting device can be an effective way of enhancing focus and concentration. There are different types of chairs available including meditation benches, ergonomically designed tilt chairs and inflatable cushions.

A meditation bench allows you to sit in alignment without putting undue pressure on your back. A tilt chair also supports your back while allowing you to remain in the optimum upright position. Many companies providing meditation supplies also manufacture portable meditation chairs, inflatable cushions and folding benches, so that you can meditate in any setting or environment. A portable chair is an excellent investment if you are continuously on the go.

Meditation chairs have several advantages over sitting on the floor or a regular chair. Meditation requires harmony of body and mind, in the sense that physical discomfort should not interfere with the meditation experience. To expand our consciousness and achieve clarity of mind, it is important to be as comfortable as possible during the meditation session. Sitting in any one position for a length of time is bound to cause cramping and distress. Specially designed chairs can provide the proper support and alignment necessary to allow you to get the most out of your meditation experience. It is important to note that regular chairs do not mold to the body in the same way as an ergonomically designed meditation device.

The best chairs have a slight forward angle, which prevents you from slumping during meditation. However, take care that the chair is not too steeply angled, as this will cause overarching. The ideal tilt should be no more than a few inches. The best option is to purchase a meditation chair that you can adjust according to your height, weight and comfort level. Having an experienced person on hand to guide you through the meditation process and adjust your posture is also a good idea.

A sitting device may be particularly useful if you are practicing Zen meditation, which requires several sitting postures. Zen meditation chairs can be made out of numerous materials and come in several different styles. You can choose the style that best suits you as long as the device enables your diaphragm to contract and expand freely.

Meditation is all about discovery and inner peace. Contrary to popular belief, self denial and physical discomfort detracts rather than enhances the experience. It is difficult to expand our minds and awareness when our legs are cramping beneath us. A meditation chair is a device which allows us to focus on what’s really important during our meditation session. With the proper tools and surroundings, the meditation experience is sure to be a positive one.

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