Moderation is the Key

Moderation is the Key

No one in the world has the perfect diet. Many people may come close to one but it still isn’t perfect. And especially with today’s fast-paced, mainstream economy not everyone has the time to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal. Instead they grab healthy snacks bars and drinks while on the go.

Eating healthy foods is great and all but it doesn’t mean that your body is getting everything it needs. You may be depriving your body of other nutrients that it vitally needs to keep you up and running and the only way to provide that kind of support you body needs by getting it into your system by taking supplements.

As the name implies, supplements does what it says. It supplements a person’s diet filling the gaps of vitamins and minerals that a person vitally needs to stay healthy. There are all kinds of different kinds of supplements out there and all of them can help maintain your body to be at its best. The most popular kinds of supplements are the multi-vitamins that give you a broad range of nutrients for you body and there are also specific ones that give only one kind.

Many health-orientated processed foods also carry within themselves supplements of their own giving the consumer the nutrients and vitamins it needs. In addition to the multivitamins and other supplements a person may be taking they may be getting much more than the recommended daily dose. The main problem when this is that when people too much of something that is supposed to be good for you.

It’s been reported that vitamin C boosts your immune system, fibers helps your body heal itself when it is damaged, and antioxidants promote a healthy immune system and a strong heart. With the new rave about multivitamins going about it seems everyone is jumping into this new trend. Milk with vitamin D, cereals that have all the vitamins and nutrients you need for the day, multivitamin pills with vitamins and minerals from vitamin A to zinc. Juices with antioxidants and carbonated soft drinks with ginseng are being sold in vending machines.

With all this going on, I wonder if we are getting too much. Normally if the body receives an excessive amount it will naturally get rid of that extra amount by excretion. But not everyone’s body behaves the exact same way. Many people may have health complications and other problems that may interfere with how the body may work unknowingly to them. It’s not unusual for people to take from two to five times more than the recommended daily dose by doctors and researchers.

Though supplements can be used for to help promote a healthier body, it can also harm your body if you take way more than the recommended daily dose. The key to a healthy diet with the use of supplements is by using it by moderation. If you take a multivitamin meal such as a breakfast mix drink or a cereal, it is better to only that one of those and skip taking the multivitamin pill in the morning.

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