Rachel Ray Cookbook – Do You Need Another Cookbook

Rachel Ray Cookbook – Do You Need Another Cookbook

A Rachel Ray cookbook is a cookbook that every cook should have. If you love to cook and love to eat, you probably have several cookbooks. And you undoubtedly have one cookbook that you turn to on a regular basis.

Most people who cook often have their trusty Betty Crocker or Fannie Farmer cookbooks. These are large volumes that contain recipes and basic cooking instructions. You can learn how to knead bread dough, make a perfect pie crust, and choose the right cut of meat.

These classic volumes are indispensable. For basic cooking instructions and time-tested recipes, they’re ideal. But a cookbook by Rachel Ray contains great recipes that work in today’s kitchen, too.

Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals are the ideal recipe for today’s busy lifestyle. A cookbook full of these meals will be something you refer to just as often as your classic cookbook volumes. As long as you have the right ingredients on hand, these recipes can be prepared in only a half an hour.

Older cookbooks like Betty Crocker do have a special way to mark fast recipes. In these cookbooks, recipes that take a short amount of time are marked with a tiny stopwatch or some other insignia. This makes it easy to glance through the recipes and pick out the ones that take less time.

But Rachel Ray’s cookbooks that are filled with 30 minute meals are all fast and easy recipes. You don’t have to scan looking for the quick ones, because they’re all half-hour recipes. And most of them will contain ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen or that you buy occasionally.

Even the recipes with ingredients you might not often use are recipes you’ll still want to try. The special ingredients you buy will have other uses within Rachel Ray’s cookbooks. In fact, you may discover a new exotic ingredient that you’ll want to use more often.

Cookbooks by Rachel Ray make great gifts. They’re especially nice for a new cook. A bridal shower or wedding gift for a new bride that helps her feel confident in the kitchen is a thoughtful gift. Rachel Ray’s cookbooks can help an inexperienced cook get expert results right away.

For someone moving into their own place, leaving home, like a college graduate, these cookbooks are great, too. There might not be a spouse to impress, but the recipes can be halved. Or they can be prepared as is with the leftovers frozen for even easier meals later.

Rachel Ray’s recipes are really the perfect recipes for a new cook because they’ll boost confidence quickly. When you can make a great meal like four-cheese stuffed shells that turns out perfect every time, you’ll feel like a great cook.

No one has to know it only took a half an hour and a handful of common ingredients. A Rachel Ray cookbook can even help a new cook figure out which dishes are best served together, because it offers up whole meals and not just one dish at a time.

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