What is Walking Meditation and is it Good for Health?

What is Walking Meditation and is it Good for Health?

People think that meditation is always performing in close room where no one can disturb them. They think that they are sitting alone in that room and just concentrate and focusing without any physical movement. They imagine the thinks by closing their eyes in silence and relax their body only their mind will work. No physical movement during meditation just sits and performs this process.

If we define meditation then it is a skill or art which helps you in exploring yourself. By the help of meditation process you will discover yourself. It is a method of finding out yourself and many realities of your life. It is very excellent art and you must know how you will perform meditation.

When you are planning for meditation then you need discipline and full mind concentration. If you are thinking that you will learn the process of meditation from any book or website and when you will perform this then you will get 100 percent results. But it takes some time for getting better results. Basically it is a process of modifying your consciousness. There are specific set of rules and procedures which are defined for performing meditation. The success of your meditation totally depends on the way and the rules you will follow for meditation.

There are different type procedures for performing meditation. Walking meditation is considered one of the old and traditional procedures. It is different from the regular meditation. If you look at different forms of meditation then you know that in most of them there is no physical activity. In walking meditation you just need to move and walk. In this type of meditation you make yourself active. As you know that meditation is the process of concentration and focusing so you just need to walk and engage your mind in order to get positive results. Another benefit of walking meditation is that it is physical activity which you perform daily and it helps you in improving your health.

For walking meditation you have no need to find out separate and quite room just go out and start your walking meditation. If you are think that you cannot do walking meditation in crowded or noisy place then it is wrong. Meditation experts recommended these types of places because you can better access the process of meditation. Another important thing in meditation is you just concentrate and focused and don’t allow the people and outer world to disturb you and scatter your mind. When you are walking then you are watching the people walking around you and hear the people talking about different things but you just concentrate.

Basically the purpose of walking meditation is creating a balance between your inner world and your outer world at same time. Walking meditation give you a true sense of awareness. In this meditation you will not only discover yourself but you are also connected with your outside world. When you will achieve this then you will get the answers of your questions. By this process you will solve so many problems and complexities of your life.

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